21 - 10 - 2017
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IN WIN 509 ROG Certified E-ATX Chassis Review

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   In a market filled with PC cases of all prices, sizes and shapes/designs and with a large number of available features how do you choose the right one for you? Some people such as i for example put interior space above all else because that makes it easier to mount the largest possible hardware components and swap them when needed while others may place airflow and even available features first. What most of us have in common however is that we all care about the looks of a PC case and its build quality and although tempered glass may not be the most durable material out currently there's no denying that it looks great. IN WIN has already released several PC cases made (also) out of tempered glass and since they were all welcomed with open hands by the entire community the only logical step would be for them to release yet another one which they did and its name is the 509 E-ATX Chassis.

   IN WIN Development Inc., an ISO 9001 manufacturer of professional computer chassis, power supplies and digital storage devices, is the leading provider of enclosure solutions to system integrators worldwide. Founded in 1985, IN WIN provides high quality chassis that conform to all safety regulations, as well as unsurpassed customer service. With no sharp edges, the logo also portrays a state of energetic harmony between technology and art. Thus, our slogan "Contemporary and Innovative" serves as the foundation of not only our product development but also our attitudes in serving and catering to our strategic partner’s wishes. We take the "im" out of "impossible"… …A brand without persistence is only a name.

   Currently the 509 E-ATX Chassis by IN-WIN is available in two editions the standard black and grey one (with grey painted interior frame) and the black and red one which also carries the ASUS Rog Certification (this is the one we'll be taking a look at today - both are showcased in the picture above). Now the reason i said currently is because on the exterior of the box we got the case in there are three available selections black/grey, black/red and others (same selection was also on the 303 box) so IN-WIN most likely aims to make even more models available through cooperation with other brands (perhaps Intel, NVIDIA or AMD). The 509 lands quite close in terms of appearance to the 303 which we reviewed a while ago so once again it follows a simple/clean design with no exhaust area at the top and with a left side panel made out of tempered glass. The main design differences (leaving out size) are the addition of a tempered glass fascia that also has an RGB LED behind the company logo, single 5.25" optical drive bay and a vertical exhaust/intake area on the right side panel (the 303 has a horizontal one). The main differences these two cases have are located inside since due to its significantly larger size the 509 E-ATX chassis has enough room for up to 9 drives (5x3.5/2.5" and 4x2.5"), 11 fans (11x120mm and/or 6x140mm) and/or two 360mm radiators, 370mm long graphics cards (weight support brackets are also included), 188mm tall CPU coolers and 230mm long power supply units. Unfortunately no fans are actually pre-installed in the chassis but if you're looking to build your own custom loop inside the 509 that may actually not be a bad thing.