20 - 01 - 2018
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Cooltek Jonsbo RM1 ATX Mini Tower Review

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cooltek jonsbo rm1a

   A while back a friend came to me looking for a high quality compact HTPC oriented case with enough room to fit a full ATX mainboard, long graphics card and a regular sized (ATX form factor) power supply unit (i forgot to mention budget friendly). Personally i don't follow things in that particular area of the market/industry because I’ve always preferred large towers to house all my systems but i since i do read all the PR that lands in my inbox i have a good idea of what's out there. Still a compact PC case with enough room for all of the above is not something we see a lot and usually quality is not that great to begin with. Cooltek is among a handful of manufacturers that focus a lot in the design and manufacture of compact cases (they do under their Jonsbo brand) and so one of the obvious choices was the RM1 which we got to test and see if it has everything consumers like my friend would want from such a case.

   Cooltek offers you high-quality PC cases and accessories at an outstanding price-performance-ratio. Our products meet internationally recognized quality standards and are distinguished by their durability and exceptional value for money. Our main area of expertise are a broad variety of PC cases, ranging from small HTPC-formats- like the award winning Coolcube family - to full-fledged Midi-Tower chassis that offer outstanding features for small costs. Besides our line of PC cases, we offer you selected products from the areas of noise reduction, PC modding, cooling and high-end power supplies. By choosing Cooltek products you opt for innovative technology and leading designs.

   Just like the UMX2 Mini-ITX case which we reviewed a while back the Jonsbo RM1 is made almost entirely out of magnesium aluminum alloy but unlike the first it has enough space inside for a full ATX mainboard, long graphics cards (up to 290mm), full sized ATX power supply unit and a full sized 5.25" optical drive (with mATX/mITX mainboard). Unfortunately since the RM1 is a very compact case the ability to add all the above cuts down in other areas such as room for large CPU coolers (only up to 95mm tall) and hard disk drive and fan mounts. So by default although the RM1 has room for three 2.5" drives and one 3.5" drive if you decide to install a 5.25" optical drive you will just have room for two 2.5" drives and one 3.5" drive (not to mention you will not be able to use an ATX mainboard). Also unlike its successor the RM2 (expect a review of that soon) the RM1 only has room for a single intake 120mm fan placed at the front. Still although it does have some restrictions the RM1 looks like it can offer much more compared to similar cases so let’s check it out.