20 - 01 - 2018
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Phobya WaCoolT Black Owl PC Case Review

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phobya wacoolit black owla

   It's no secret that it's only on very rare occasions that we see something new introduced in the PC case industry and that's the main reason as to why we don't focus much in such reviews lately. Sure we see PC cases with different shapes and sizes and some even come with LED lighting right from the factory but if you really think about it the majority pretty much shares the same features which we've been seeing for years now. So when we get an offer to test a model that stands out from the rest we don't hesitate to say yes. Back in 2013 (if i recall correctly) the guys over at Bit-Tech held a competition where they asked all of their forum members to help design the perfect ATX case for watercooling. Well although at the end of that competition the winning design was the one submitted by SnowyOwl and was called the Black Owl it took almost 2 years for our friends over at Phobya to bring it to the market and today we're taking a very close look at it.

   The Phobya brand is a coalition of many manufacturers under one name. This cooperation has developed and produced many innovations in the water-, air- and passive cooling sector. Numerous accessories for improvement of your computer, both in the performance sector and optically, have been developed. Phobya products are for those who want more from their system!

   The WaCoolT Black OWL Case is a full tower that can accommodate ATX, micro-ATX and eATX mainboards and since it's made entirely of 1.5mm German-made thick aluminium it weighs just around 10Kg. It also has room for three 3.5", four 2.5" drives and three 5.25" drives, 360mm long graphics cards, 120/140/240/280/360/420mm radiator at its base (actually you should be able to use two 140mm ones if you don't want to use a single large one there), 120/140/240/280/360/420/480 radiator at the top (or three 140mm ones easily), rear 120mm exhaust fan (or a 120mm radiator) and comes ready with an anti-vibration pump mount which is compatible with a large number of pump types (Laing DDC/Laing D5/Eheim 1046/Eheim 1048/Magicool 12V/ Phobya DC 220/Phobya DC 260/Phobya DC 400). It seems however that the case designer didn't think of everything since the WaCoolT Black Owl comes without a tool-free design for the drives and graphics cards and without any air-filters for its many perforated sections. But let’s take a look and see everything it has to offer.