23 - 10 - 2017
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X2 6018B MOD Series Chassis Review

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x2 6018ba

   Most enthusiasts, professionals and hardcore gamers i happen to know prefer to house their systems inside the largest PC Cases possible for a variety of reasons (spacious interiors is the most significant one obviously) something that i also prefer to do myself. However although people may want to house a system inside a large PC case that's not always possible due to space limitations and so just like a friend told me recently the only possible choice is to pick one of the smaller midi tower PC cases. These may not share the same features and spacious interiors as the larger Full and HPTX towers but we've seen quite a few interesting models from time to time that even we ourselves would use if we ever came upon any kind of space restrictions. Well since we are falling back slightly with our PC case reviews today on our test bench we have one of the latest midi towers to hit the market the 6018B MOD Series Chassis which is manufactured by X2 a subsidiary of the well-known Spire.


   X2 is originated by a team of PC enthusiasts based in The Netherlands, the design heart of Europe. X2 redefines the true meaning of performance PC hardware. With our exceptional style coupled with genuine product quality X2 is irrefutably above and beyond the rest. X2 strives to surpass the needs of our peers with the satisfaction and our guarantee of reliability, compatibility and consistency in our products. Our mission is to provide the highest endeavor of performance while obtaining top-quality levels in all our products.


   Spire is certainly not amongst the top PC case manufacturers out there so their newly established X2 subsidiary is even less known but something tells me that might change if they continue on the same path they have for the past year. Getting back to the PC case at hand the X2.6018b is aimed towards casual users and gamers who are not really into spending much but that doesn't mean it lacks its share of features. For example it features a very nice fan control knob at the top which can be used to control up to 4 fans, it has four 5.25" optical drive bays, room for up to five 3.5" drives, a completely tool-free design, a large transparent section on the left side panel and plenty of interior space. Quality-wise X2 has used 0.6mm SECC steel and so although it's certainly not the lightest tower out there it's quite sturdy and should also keep quite a bit of noise from reaching your ears. In the end we are talking about a PC Case so as always closer look is in order.