25 - 02 - 2018
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Cougar Challenger Midi Tower Review

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   Choosing the right PC Case for both my test rigs or for the systems i sometimes build for close friends is really the very last thing on my mind since naturally i need to have all the hardware components laid out in front of me prior to that (when you have an for example an very long GPU like the GeForce GTX 690 or an XL-ATX mainboard you can't/shouldn't squeeze them inside a small/midi tower). Now for good or bad the market is currently filled with all sorts of PC cases ment to cover all tastes and requirements (space and features wise) so the possibility of not finding a suitable one is almost nonexistent something which i can't say for even just a decade ago. Personally as some of you know i always like to use full tower PC Cases because they offer enough interior space to mount even the largest hardware components without having to spend much time in the process and that's why i can't wait until the latest Obsidian 900D by Corsair reaches our doorstep in a couple of weeks. However for people who care not about having a PC case with lots of interior space and are not willing to spend much cash for one the latest Challenger Midi Tower by Cougar might just be the ideal solution.


   COUGAR products are designed by COUGAR GERMANY, a professional R&D engineering team and COUGAR is part of the “HEC/COMPUCASE” Group. The unique combination of the world-famous German skills of designing the best products worldwide and HEC/s power and long-time experience to produce the best high quality products created innovative masterpieces in PSU history. The PC upgrading and DIY market is changing rapidly and is growing more and more. Professional user are asking for more than only stable and silent PSU/s, they want efficient and energy saving products without compromises in quality. COUGAR GERMANY created such products! COUGAR GERMANY combines the features of innovation and evolution to create efficient, powerful and unique products like “COUGAR POWER”. The purpose of COUGAR GERMANY is the satisfaction of the customer, reaching it by creating most valuable, advanced products. COUGAR – YOUR POWER!


   Cougar is relatively new in the PC Case industry but they have already designed and manufactured one of last year’s best sellers the Evolution Full Tower PC Case which needless to say was reviewed by us upon launch and thanks to its looks, build quality and features it managed to walk away with our Golden Award. The brand new Challenger aims to continue that success and so although smaller than the Evolution it shares the same level of quality and features including one of the best designs we've seen in a while, space for up to 7 fans, top 2.5"/3.5" HDD SATA III docking station, removable HDD cage side for installation of larger graphics cards and plenty of space between the mainboard tray and the right side panel for cable management. Since a single picture is worth 1000 words let's keep moving to see exactly what Cougar has put on the table with the Challenger Midi Tower.