18 - 10 - 2017
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Anidees AI-06W Midi Tower Review

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anidees ai 06wa

   One of the many things we should all love about the entire computer industry is that regardless of the already very large number of companies/manufacturers present in the market there's always room for the introduction of new ones (let’s not forget that competition is always good for consumers and usually results to better quality products at lower prices). Of course we mostly see new storage and cooling related manufacturers but from time to time there are some who dare enter the PC case market as their sole focus. One such company is Anidees a brand new PC Case manufacturer based in the Netherlands and although I did have the chance to test their quite impressive and high quality AI-06B (Black) midi tower in the past today on our photo bench we have their latest AI-06W (White) midi tower.


   The story of Brand name anidees was from English first "an idea" but we play it to plural and it turns to "an ideas" but since the most idea we collected for our product are from Europe thus we change idea to idee (German ,Dutch, France), with plural form it turns to "anidees". Anidees is actually a design company, focus on product design and provide value add items to customers. Our slogan is "Ideas from you". Our aim is to be a brand/Company that listens to users and makes "simple, elegant, with Quality" products to our customers.


   We really don’t see many manufacturers take their name from actual every day words and even less ones that originate from ancient Greek (although countless words do) so the two times I received an product manufactured by Anidees I got the strange feeling that they felt right at home. Regardless however of my opinion surrounding their brand name having already reviewed the AI-06B midi tower slightly over a year ago I knew right from the start the level of quality I should expect and I wasn’t disappointed one bit. My only concern is the color which may partially turn to yellow after a while (white tends to do that) but when you get a white device I think you know that’s a very large possibility. Finally the AI-06W just got released so as you will notice from the specifications sheet it’s not yet listed on their website but don't worry since it's already available on quite a few online stores inside the EU.