18 - 11 - 2017
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XSPC RX360 V3 Triple Fan Radiator Review

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   According to the latest sales charts we checked by several manufacturers around the globe it seems that CPU Air Coolers are still holding 1st place and are followed by AIO Liquid CPU Coolers (not very close) and complete custom water cooling kits. Custom water cooling kits may still follow in third place pretty much like always since because both of their price and installation difficulty they are still considered as enthusiast grade products but compared to even just 5 years ago they are much more popular right now and according to predictions unless something changes such solutions may get very close to AIO products. If you're reading these lines chances are that you're well aware that XSPC is amongst the leading manufacturers of custom water cooling kits and today we will be taking a look at their latest mid/high-end radiator the RX360 V3.




   As gaming and overclocking enthusiasts, we started XSPC over 10 years ago with the vision of offering world-class cooling products that don’t sacrifice reliability or quiet operation in the pursuit of ultimate cooling performance. Today, our product range has expanded to include everything you need to build the ultimate liquid cooling system, from water blocks, radiators and reservoirs to fixtures and fittings. Every component we create at XSPC is engineered to the highest standards with the highest quality materials, and delivers market-leading performance without sacrificing reliability. As XSPC continues to grow, we remain totally focused on our original values and vision - creating water cooling components with superior performance and reliability.


   Figuring out the size and fan capacity of a radiator is not hard so all you need to do is check the number next or before the model type. So as clearly stated by its name the RX360 V3 is an 360mm long radiator (excluding the top end where the tube holes are placed) that can accommodate up to three 120mm on each of the two sides (push & pull). Now although the length of the RX360 V3 is not something we haven't seen in the past the same can't be said about its thickness since it measures 56mm (46mm core thickness) making it one of the thickest radiators we've ever seen up close (we've seen a couple measuring 60mm in thickness). The 13 fpi split-fit design coupled with very low air resistance and excellent dissipation are two features which ensure that the RX360 V3 offers better cooling efficiency compared to similar solutions. Unfortunately since we don't currently have a similarly sized radiator in our hands we compare the RX360 V3 to the EX280 dual 140mm radiator which we received with the Raystorm 750 model a while back (of course we will bring more Radiators to compare in the following months).