20 - 02 - 2018
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AeroCool Project 7 P7-L240 RGB Liquid CPU Cooler Review

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   RGB hardware and peripherals are enjoying high sales numbers lately and although there are quite a few CPU Air Coolers in the market that feature RGB illumination there's no denying that AIO (all-in-one) Liquid CPU Coolers not only look better but they also offer more in terms of cooling efficiency. Now as expected 360mm AIO models are usually the weapon of choice for enthusiasts and overclockers due to their higher performance compared to smaller ones but from time to time there have been quite a few 240/280mm models that have surprised all of us with their results. Aerocool seems eager to have one such product in the market and what better way than to launch it under their latest Project 7 line aimed towards gamers and enthusiasts? We are of course talking about the brand new P7-L240 RGB Liquid CPU Cooler which has been here for almost 2 weeks now.

   Aerocool is a Taipei-based, global computer components company with an outstanding record in product design and innovation. Driven by the mantra ‘Be Cool, Be Aerocool’ we strive to provide innovation in design yet deliver an affordable solution to PC users worldwide. Our most recent success in innovation is our groundbreaking open frame design – the Dream Box – awarded ‘Best Design’ at Computex 2016. For more information on Aerocool, please visit www.aerocool.com.tw.

   First of all we need to point out that unlike the majority of AIO Liquid CPU Coolers in the market today we were somewhat surprised to see that the brand new P7-L240 Liquid CPU Cooler is not manufactured by Asetek. Unfortunately we don't know who is behind it (although the reservoir design does slightly remind us of Alphacool and/or DeepCool) but it's not that different compared to what we've seen in the past so once again the closed loop is made out of a dual-fan low FPI radiator (280mm long), two sleeved tubings (300mm long), RGB pump/waterblock (the pump features a top refillable water chamber while the waterblock is made out of pure copper) combo and two high-speed hydraulic bearing PWM 120mm RGB fans (both fans feature removable blades for easier cleaning). The high performance ceramic bearing pump can reach speeds of up to 2500RPM whereas the two high-speed 120mm PWM fans can spin up to 1800RPM to produce airflow levels of up to 71.65CFM and up to 1.34mmH2O air pressure with up to 31.8dBA of noise. The above combo gives the P7-L240 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler by Aerocool a rather impressive TDP (thermal design power) of no less than 380W.