19 - 01 - 2018
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ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 240 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler Review

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arctic liquid freezer 240a

   We all know that sufficiently cooling a high-end overclocked CPU is not the easiest thing (especially during the summer) so manufacturers do the best they can to provide us all with high-TDP (thermal design power) coolers. Currently CPU air coolers still hold first place when it comes to sales (mainly because they are more affordable) but it's been proven time and again (with a few exceptions) that dual/tri-fan AIO (all in one) liquid CPU coolers and custom water cooling kits/loops are far more suitable for such "heavy" tasks. ARCTIC entered the AIO liquid CPU cooling market a few years back and after a successful run today with us we have one of their latest and most powerful models to date the Liquid Freezer 240.

   ARCTIC does not only play in the top league of the cooling specialists ever since, ARCTIC initiated the trend towards quiet cooling systems for desktop PCs and left a distinct mark. In 2001 the Swiss engineer and company founder Magnus Huber has determined to fight against loud computers – today, the still privately-owned company with locations in Germany, Hong Kong and the USA offers one of the world's largest ranges of CPU and GPU coolers. Maximum compatibility, first-class performance and lowest volume convince enthusiasts in over 45 countries around the globe. With the competence of a unique expert knowledge from 15 years of (pc) noise minimization ARCTIC is building out its portfolio through high-quality sound products and office equipment.

   As the name suggests the Liquid Freezer 240 is based on a dual 120mm aluminum radiator (272mm in length and 38mm in thickness) which in turn is paired with two 326mm long rubber tubes and a pump/base combo (unfortunately ARCTIC doesn't share details about their pump but it's no secret that their units are made by the award winning Asetek corporation). What makes the Liquid Freezer 240 one of the most powerful AIO models in the market today however (recommended max TDP of 300W) is the fact that ARCTIC has paired it with not two but four 120mm F12 PWM PST fluid-dynamic bearing fans (1350RPM/ 74CFM/ 22.5dBA) placed in push and pull configuration for maximum heat dissipation. So with a total 4 fans in push and pull and a rather thick radiator (thicker than average) the question which remains is not only just how well the Liquid Freezer 240 performs but also whether or not it fits inside "regular" PC cases.