17 - 12 - 2017
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Be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm AIO Liquid CPU Cooler Review

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   Computex is once again upon us so it really goes without saying really that we can expect to see numerous new products (final and concept ones) unveiled by both old and new manufacturers in the PC and electronics industry. We have already started covering Computex the best way we possibly can (since we couldn't attend) so if interested check our news section for more details on upcoming products. With that out of the way in this year's Computex we've already seen quite a few CPU cooling solutions (primarily AIO models) but since these are mostly upcoming products it may take a while for them to make their way to our lab. So until that happens we decided to take a detailed look at one of the most popular AIO liquid CPU coolers currently the Silent Loop 280 by our friends over at be quiet!

   be quiet! is a premium brand of power supplies, PC cases and cooling solutions for desktop PCs. Consistently the leader in the German PC power supply market since 2007*, be quiet! is one of the most successful PSU brands in Europe. This enduring success is largely thanks to the typical German passion for quality and precision. All product conception, design and quality control is performed in Germany. German expertise is evident the moment an idea is born and throughout the entire design and production process. be quiet! never releases a product until it meets the highest expectations. All materials used – from the smallest screws to the metals in the cases – are tested to rigorous standards. That is why be quiet! power supplies, PC cases, CPU coolers and case fans are among the most silent, powerful and reliable on the market. Innovative engineering concepts coupled with an uncompromising choice of premium materials and world-class manufacturing quality make be quiet! second to none when it comes to noise reduction. With over ten years of experience, be quiet! are truly the quietness experts.

   It took some time for be quiet! to jump in the AIO liquid CPU cooling trend so for that exact reason they launched the Silent Loop line with not one but 3 different products in it, a single fan 120mm model and two dual fan 240mm/280mm models. Obviously although the single 120mm model and the dual 240mm model use one and two 120mm fans respectively the 280mm model uses two 140mm fans which means its target audience is smaller compared to the other two. In terms of appearance the Silent Loop 280mm AIO cooler may look a lot like many others currently available in the market but it's actually quite different not only because it features a high-performance (2200RPM) yet silent decoupled reverse-flow pump, copper radiator and anti-kink coils (bend protection) for both its flexible tubes but also because it comes ready with a refill port (just in case) and two Pure Wings 2 140mm PWM rifle-bearing fans (1600RPM/94.2CFM/1.82mmH2O). So let's see just how well the new and highly promising Silent Loop 280mm AIO liquid CPU cooler does.