20 - 11 - 2017
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Alphacool Eisbaer 360 Liquid CPU Cooling System Review

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   Despite what many people think although summer is indeed the "hardest" season for any computer system due to the high temperatures having a good CPU cooler is the ideal scenario all year long even during the winter. Now although CPU air coolers still hold the largest market share/percentage water cooling is no longer ment just for enthusiasts and professionals willing to spend a good portion of their monthly wages. Of course due to the somewhat high price tags attached to water cooling kits with a few exceptions (mainly enthusiasts who want to "admire" their very own custom loop through the side panel of their towers) most people i know are turning towards all-in-one liquid coolers not only for their brand new but also for their older systems. This is actually not only due to their competitive prices compared to complete water cooling kits but also because they are easier to install, take less space and offer very good cooling efficiency levels. With us today we have the latest Eisbaer 360 Liquid CPU Cooler by our friends over at Alphacool.

   Alphacool are based in Germany and are one of the biggest producers of watercooling components for the PC market. Their products are sold worldwide which is testament to the quality of products they sell and are renowned for being very high performing.

   Just like the 240mm version which we reviewed a few months back the 360mm of the Eisbaer (polar bear) AIO liquid CPU cooler by Alphacool also features the same quick-lock mechanism which can be used to quickly add extra components like a second radiator and/or even an GPU waterblock in the loop (it's also fully compatible with the GPX-Pro AIO liquid GPU cooler), the same ceramic pump that runs at 2600RPM and can push up to 70 liters of liquid per hour up to 0.85 meters and the same PVC tubings with anti-kink coils. However unlike the 240 model which featured the NexXxos ST30 240mm radiator (279mm long and 30mm thick) the new 360 model features the longer NexXxos ST30 360 radiator (397mm long and 30mm thick) which Alphacool has paired with three 120mm high-static pressure sleeve-bearing Eiswind fans (1700RPM speed/63.85CFM airflow/29dBA noise/1.66mm H2O air pressure). So let's check the Eisbaer 360 out and see if it's the ideal AIO liquid cooling system for people with enough room in their PC cases.