25 - 02 - 2018
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Swiftech H240 X2 CPU Liquid Cooling System Review

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   Between the rather expensive and somewhat complicated to setup custom water cooling solutions/loops and the far more affordable and ready to use all in one models there aren't really that many options available for consumers who may want the best of both. True certain manufacturers like EK Water Blocks and Alphacool have recently released AIO water cooling solutions which consumers can expand as they see fit (we've reviewed some of them already) but such models represent just a small percentage of the AIO market. Swiftech may not be a name we hear a lot in the EU (although they are very popular among overclockers and enthusiasts) since they just started selling their products here but they've been producing and selling AIO models in the USA market for many years now so when they asked if we'd be interested in testing their latest H240 X2 model we couldn't really say no.

   Swiftech® was founded in 1994 by Gabriel Rouchon, and incorporated in 2001 under the legal entity name of Rouchon Industries Inc., dba Swiftech. Its sales skyrocketed in early 2001 following the release of the famed MC370 line of heatsinks. Reviews of the heatsink in the Internet Press propelled Swiftech® into the limelight as the number one source for high-performance heatsinks in the aftermarket computer parts Industry. Over the course of the last decade, Swiftech® has emerged as one of the leading forces driving the high-end thermal management scene in the personal computer industry. Pioneering work, innovation, and an uncompromising dedication to high performance and quality have resulted in award winning products setting standards for others to follow. Swiftech® has consistently demonstrated leadership by thinking outside the box, and remains to this day driven by an intense competitive spirit. As a result, Swiftech® is considered by many as one of the founding fathers of the liquid cooling industry for personal computers. This has been accomplished despite intense pressure from heavyweight industry players with powerful sales and marketing acumen. Swiftech® 's name is recognized worldwide, and synonymous with Performance, Innovation, Quality and Value.

   Just like the EK-XLC Predator by EKWB and the Eisbaer by Alphacool the Swiftech H240 X2 can be customized/expanded with extra radiators and GPU waterblocks to cover the needs of more demanding users such as overclockers and enthusiasts. At the same time strangely enough (and unlike its competition) its name doesn't represent the size of its radiator but the size of the fans used so although when reading the model name (H240 x2) you expect a 240mm long radiator in fact Swiftech has used a 280mm long one with two Helix 140mm PWM fans. And that's not all since Swiftech has also intergrated a rather unique lighting system onto the H240 X2 (ALED) which consists by several LEDs placed on the radiator, the reservoir and on the waterblock. Since the color and light intensity of these LEDs can be easily controlled at the push of a button located on the bundled PWM splitter there's no need for control software. So is the H240 X2 CPU liquid cooling system the ideal AIO model for you?