20 - 11 - 2017
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CRYORIG A80 Hybrid Liquid Cooling System Review

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   AIO (All-in-one) liquid CPU coolers have brought to the market what many gamers and overclockers have pretty much always wished for, improved cooling efficiency even in cases with low or even no airflow levels without the two drawbacks of custom watercooling loops, potential leaks and liquid replenishing (not to mention price). Unfortunately AIO liquid CPU coolers always had but a slight drawback, they don't offer any cooling for the mainboard components surrounding the CPU area something which regular tower air coolers and especially top-down ones have no problems with. Well it seems the solution to that problem has always been staring us right in the eye and so after giving it some though our friends over at CRYORIG released their AIO hybrid liquid cooling systems a couple of months ago. Today once again we're going to be one of the very first media around the world to take a look at their high-end A80 model.

   Officially founded in 2013, CRYORIG is a fresh new comer to the PC peripherals and Cooling market with a core team of seasoned veterans. The team’s resumes include experiences with renowned brands such as Thermalright, Prolimatech and Phanteks. The members are overclockers and PC modding enthusiasts, with a passion to strive for nothing but the best. With the long experience and drive for innovation and improvement, CRYORIG is about applying RESEARCH and innovative IDEAS making the coolest GEAR possible.

   The A80 AIO Hybrid Liquid CPU Cooler follows the typical design as most similar AIO models do so as usual we see a radiator connected to a pump/waterblock combo via two long and flexible PA (Polyamide) tubes. Of course the A80 is not your typical AIO liquid CPU cooler because of two very "distinct" differences. First it features a 280mm long radiator which CRYORIG has paired with two high-RPM 140mm PWM fans and as many of you are aware although there are quite a few AIO models currently in the market with 360mm long radiators the same can't be said about 280mm ones. The 2nd difference is perhaps also the most important one since it defines the "hybrid nature" of the A80 and it's no other than a third 70mm high-RPM fan mounted ontop of the pump/waterblock combo which is used to cool the surrounding area of the CPU socket (and of course the pump). Now i don't expect this small 70mm fan to help improve overclocking and system stability just by cooling some of the mainboard components located around the CPU socket but as i always say less temperatures is never a bad thing in electronics so kudos to CRYORIG for thinking of that it in the first place.