19 - 01 - 2018
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Thermalright True Spirit 140 Power CPU Cooler Review

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   I really can't say with certainty that this summer is the hottest I’ve ever experienced where i live (it certainly feels like it) but what i can say is that it's very hot and so it really shouldn't come as a surprise that we have decided to try and dish out as many CPU cooler reviews as we can. Lately we have released quite a few low-profile CPU cooler reviews for all types of mITX/mATX systems and so since we have cleared our lab from that type the time has come to also cater to the needs of people who are looking to buy the higher performance tower size models. Thermalright has the pleasure of sitting ontop of the charts worldwide right next to other leading manufacturers like Noctua and be quiet! thanks to their high-end Archon and Silver Arrow models. Today on our test bench we have their latest offering called the True Spirit 140 Power a CPU cooler aimed at mid-end users who are simply not willing to pay much for cooling.


   Thermalright is an elite design house that manufactures cooling products for computer components for the best quality and performance your money can buy. In 2002, AMD released its first generation Thunderbird CPU and since then we have been there every step of the way to counter high voltage and high heat with innovative design and highly acclaimed cooling solutions not only for AMD but for Intel as well. One of early well known solutions was the SK-6. With many positive and rave reviews under its belt Thermalright bolted to the top as the heat sink manufacturer mostly preferred by Overclockers and enthusiasts around the World. To this day, innovation never left our vocabulary as we keep coming up with leading edge designs staying ahead of the competition.


   The True Spirit 140 Power is a single 140mm CPU Cooler which not only follows the same tower design as the Archon X2 but it’s almost identical in measurements and so that should help it avoid any clearance issues with mainboard components and ram modules. These two coolers however are by no means identical thanks to four main differences, build quality, design of the fins, positioning of the heatpipes and the two 140mm fans (the Archon has) so it's really no coincidence that the Archon X2 is the top single heatsink model in the Thermalright product line. Still aside the fact that we're talking about a CPU cooler made by Thermalright because of its very high T.D.P (Thermal Design Power) of 360W, overall size, six 8mm heatpipes and 140mm fan the True Spirit 140 Power should perform quite well if not identically to the original Archon so let's check it out.


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rather nice.