18 - 11 - 2017
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DeepCool Gabriel Low-Profile CPU Cooler Review

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   It's now official, things have changed so much (always compared to the past) that manufacturers want to send us more mITX and mATX PC Cases than normal ones and since we all know how much some of you have been waiting for this we're not about to say no to them (although we may not be able to review every single mITX/mATX case out there due to time limitations). That being said until those cases start rolling in we're going to continue bringing all of you reviews of the latest mITX/mATX low-profile CPU Coolers to hit the market by all the leading players like we promised a while ago. Now I’m pretty certain that DeepCool needs no introductions (especially now that our global giveaway is over) and since their Gabriel mITX Low-Profile CPU Cooler happens to quite popular amongst mITX builders lately (Dominion anyone?) we decided to take a closer look and see why that is.


   Deepcool was founded with the mission of providing the best performance & humanized thermal solutions for worldwide customers. Deepcool design and manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality products, covering desktop cooling solutions, laptop cooling solutions, server cooling solutions, embedded cooling solutions, and other thermal components. Our goal is to maintain customer satisfaction by serving our customer’s ever-changing thermal needs and providing the quickest and most comprehensive service available. As our slogan goes, we wish you all “Enjoy your cool life”!


   With so many manufacturers entering the CPU Cooling arena it's not hard for someone to realize that developing a CPU Cooler is not really hard and although i too support that opinion (I’ve said many times in the past that it's not nuclear science) i have to admit that there's much more work involved when it comes to low-profile models (always compared to normal sized ones) since the manufacturer needs to take into account severe space limitations. That's also why low-profile CPU Coolers can't really compete with full size models but we've reached a point where cooling efficiency has improved quite a bit even compared to just 3 years ago. Getting back to the Gabriel its two most important features given to it by DeepCool are without doubt the high-RPM 120mm PWM top down fan (almost normal size model) and the 4 nickel plated 6mm heatpipes two features we don't really see much with such solutions. Size-wise the Gabriel is slightly larger compared to what we've seen lately by Thermolab/Cooltek, Thermalright and Noctua which might be the reason as to why we've been hearing about this model for quite some time now. In the end numbers have their own way of revealing the truth so let's see what DeepCool has brought to the table with the Gabriel Low-Profile CPU Cooler.