18 - 10 - 2017
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Cooltek LP53 Low-Profile CPU Cooler Review

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   It was roughly 2 weeks ago when we announced our plans to focus more in bringing all of you reviews of the latest low-profile CPU Coolers to hit the market and what better way to start than with the brand new and best-selling model by Thermolab that listens to the name ITX30 (available inside the EU under the Cooltek brand name)? Although quite tiny the ITX30 did pack a good punch and managed to come really close to the L9i low-profile CPU Cooler by Noctua in terms of cooling efficiency something which took us by surprise really. Well it seems that Thermolab actually launched yet another low-profile CPU Cooler at the same time as with the ITX30 called the LP53 and yes we've spend quite a bit of time testing it during this past week.


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   Although both the ITX30 and the LP53 have the same TDP (thermal design power) of 100W the LP53 is quite taller (53mm as opposed to the 30mm of the ITX30), heavier (410g/300g) and comes with a larger 92mm fan (compared to the 80mm one of the ITX30) so since we don't think that Thermolab does things at random it's obvious that the L53 is placed a tad higher than the ITX30 in terms of cooling efficiency. Aside length and width another thing both coolers have in common is that they are made entirely out of copper something that we don't see much and is certainly a nice touch aside from the fact that it does offer improved heat dissipation compared to aluminum. After doing a quick comparison between both coolers all that's really left is for us to check and see how much better (if at all) the LP53 is compared to the already good ITX30.