23 - 11 - 2017
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RaidSonic ICY BOX IB-WRP201SD 4 In 1 WLAN Storage Station Review

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raidsonic ib wrp201sda

   Nowadays no matter where i look or what press release i read it seems that almost everything in the electronics industry revolves around the portable needs people have (the ones that don't will probably get pulled in regardless) and so daily we see all sorts of new devices emerge including smartphones, tablets, wireless speakers and headsets, battery packs, carrying/protection cases, 2.5" external HDDs, wireless access points, wireless media streamers/readers and much more. Personally i am not much into carrying multiple devices with me when i go away just to cover my portable needs but i do thing that there are some exceptions and so aside the usual battery packs which i think are a must and some wireless headsets/speakers lately I’ve also been using quite a few of the latest wireless media streamers/readers and one of those has been the ICY BOX IB-WRP201SD by RaidSonic which has come to take other similar solutions like the Kingston MobileLite Wireless head on with its quite interesting set of features.


   RaidSonic Technology GmbH was founded in Hamburg 1999. To realize our future visions and the rising requirements, RaidSonic moved to Ahrensburg (20 min. away from Hamburg) in May 2004.The capacity of our new warehouse, our permanent improving logistic and the expanded technical support lets us look into the future very optimistically. Our vision in a constantly growing IT market is to develop products, which will become your future dreams. Our extensive product portfolio, which we distribute Europe-wide, combines all internal and external solutions for the application of mass storage, for industrial and professional applications as well as for the private sphere, too. Through our all along increasing know-how, good results in research and development and our good cooperation with our long-time customers we could achieve a dynamic growth.


   Unlike most similar solutions RaidSonic has given multiple roles to the ICY BOX IB-WRP201SD so it's a device that can be used as a media streamer/reader (SD/SDHC/SDXC card reader) for your WiFi enabled devices, wireless access point (10/100 Ethernet LAN port) so you can extend the range of your network, external enclosure (USB 2.0) allowing you to access the contents of the cards via USB and as a portable battery pack (5000mAh Li-Polymer Battery) which can be used to charge certain devices such as smartphones, headsets and perhaps even small tablets. So although flexibility-wise this is the first time we've received a device like that we were quite curious to see just how well it performs and in the end as you will all see later on it didn't disappoint.