21 - 01 - 2018
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Xtorm EVOKE 10.000mAh Solar Charger Review

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   It wasn't that long ago that if your smartphone, tablet or any other portable device happened to ran out of battery juice the only way to recharge it again would be plugging it into an electrical socket. The appearance of portable batteries (powerbanks) in the market quickly solved that but again with the majority of models having enough juice for just 2-3 full charges the same issue remained for a large number of people. Two solutions were then proposed and adopted by certain manufacturers the first was increased battery capacity which in turn also ment larger models and the second was solar powered models which used the sun as an alternative to electrical sockets (many times less effective however). Unfortunately we haven't really seen as many solar powered models as we have larger ones but thanks to Xtorm there's another one in the market currently called the EVOKE (AM121).

   Xtorm is part of the Dutch company Telco Accessories B.V and was founded in 2008 with the idea that today more and more mobile devices come to the market, which requires a lot of power. To contribute to the environment we have searched for durable applications to provide a solution to this problem. Meanwhile we are the manufacturer in the field of innovative and practical solar and power solutions for everyday use. We bring a complete range of affordable and user-friendly consumer products on the market that simply charged from solar power and USB. The products with the brand Xtorm have a contemporary character and are of high quality.

   The Xtorm EVOKE (AM121) solar charger is a large-sized powerbank that features a 10.000mAh lithium polymer battery pack (can be used to charge smartphones up to 5 times and tablets up to a single time), two SunPower high-efficiency solar panels (4.5W), IPX4 certified (protection from splashing water, no matter the direction) shock-proof rubberized enclosure, micro USB input charging port and two high-output USB charging ports (5V/2.1A). The EVOKE also packs several technologies including an APM chip which automatically decides the correct charging speed and efficiently divides the power between attached devices and several electronic and electrical protections against overload, overcharge and overheating.