21 - 01 - 2018
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CHJGD 21000mAh Magnus Opus Premium Powerbank Review

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   Summer is once again just around the corner and that means spending lots of time away from home and even your place of work (preferably at the beach). That also means that whether we like it or not our smartphone (especially if you happen to own an iPhone 6 like i do) and/or tablet is probably going to run out of battery while we're away so packing a good portable power bank with the rest of your things is never a bad idea. Choosing the right power bank however is not always the easiest thing and so people end up getting affordable models which however miss-out on certain technologies and features that could make their lives easier. One such model is the brand new Magnus Opus premium powerbank by Charged Power (CHJGD) which also happens to be on our test bench today.

   CHJGD pronounced 'Charged' from CHARGEDPOWER.COM is the ultimate premium brand for Portable Chargers and mobile phone accessories. Our wide range of products have been developed to help you get the most out of your devices in our digitally connected world; ensuring that you are always charged up, wherever you are. Ultra-thin, durable and well designed with our style conscious customers in mind, CHJGD portable power banks are the perfect travel companion compatible with Apple, Android devices and many more. Not only will you keep your device’s battery topped up, you stay connected in style. With an attractive array of colours to choose from, our elegant power banks have got different tastes covered! CHJGD provides a personalized experience, allowing you to choose which capacity is most suited to your energy needs. We also offer a range of durable, stylish and colorful retractable multi-chargers. With our dedicated technical sales support team ready to assist, choosing the right product for your device will never be a daunting task! We at CHJGD power are environmentally conscious and are passionate about providing sustainable technological solutions to the public. Reducing the carbon footprint is a global mission, one that we take seriously. Our solar power banks have built in photo-voltaic panels making the most of Mother Nature’s solar energy to recharge and retain high levels of power. Be a part of the global initiative to reduce unclean energy consumption, with our lean green charging machine. We believe in the quality of all our products and are proud to offer one year manufacturer’s warranty with every purchase, to help you get more from your device with confidence.

   The Magnus Opus is based around a 21000mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery pack (manufactured by LG) so right from the get go it's obvious that we're talking about a medium sized model. To make that somewhat easier for people to accept CHJGD has used a sleek glossy enclosure (currently available in black and white) which also has specific areas for your thumb and index fingers (thus making it easier to hold). In terms of features the Magnus Opus comes ready with two USB charging ports (one of which also supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 technology - enables optimum power transfer while maximizing efficiency), handy LED torch and a small LCD screen which displays the current battery charge. Unfortunately CHJGD is not very clear on the available electrical protections of the Magnus Opus but if there other less impressive models are any indication we should have over-heating and over-charge circuit protections here as well.