18 - 11 - 2017
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CHJGD 10000mAh Ultra Compact PowerBank Review

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   Portable batteries (power banks) have been around for quite a few years now but even so it wasn't until somewhat recently that they started getting serious advertisement and carried by all types of electronics stores from all over the world (not to mention finally used by consumers in numbers). For example compared to even a couple of years ago if you were to visit your local electronics superstore chances are you will come across numerous models of different battery capacities, sizes and designs. Lately however i also keep seeing many companies offer portable batteries either as gifts to their employees or at reduced prices as incentives for their customers when buying their products and/or services (especially gas companies where i live). CHJGD (CHARGEDPOWER) is a rather new player in the market and today we'll be taking a look at their 10000mAh ULTRA COMPACT POWERBANK.

   CHJGD pronounced 'Charged' from CHARGEDPOWER.COM is the ultimate premium brand for Portable Chargers and mobile phone accessories. Our wide range of products have been developed to help you get the most out of your devices in our digitally connected world; ensuring that you are always charged up, wherever you are. Ultra-thin, durable and well designed with our style conscious customers in mind, CHJGD portable power banks are the perfect travel companion compatible with Apple, Android devices and many more. Not only will you keep your device’s battery topped up, you stay connected in style. With an attractive array of colours to choose from, our elegant power banks have got different tastes covered! CHJGD provides a personalized experience, allowing you to choose which capacity is most suited to your energy needs. We also offer a range of durable, stylish and colorful retractable multi-chargers. With our dedicated technical sales support team ready to assist, choosing the right product for your device will never be a daunting task! We at CHJGD power are environmentally conscious and are passionate about providing sustainable technological solutions to the public. Reducing the carbon footprint is a global mission, one that we take seriously. Our solar power banks have built in photo-voltaic panels making the most of Mother Nature’s solar energy to recharge and retain high levels of power. Be a part of the global initiative to reduce unclean energy consumption, with our lean green charging machine. We believe in the quality of all our products and are proud to offer one year manufacturer’s warranty with every purchase, to help you get more from your device with confidence.

   As the name clearly states the ULTRA COMPACT POWERBANK by CHJGD packs a 10000mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery pack and is one of the smallest power banks in the world (with that battery capacity). Of course having a somewhat high battery capacity is not all it takes for a portable battery to win over consumers so the ULTRA COMPACT POWERBANK also features over-heating and over-charge circuit protection, AI power technology for maximum speed charging via 2.1A output (supports lighting/fast charge for Android and iOS compatible devices), 4-LED battery charge indicator and personalized durable enclosures. This is our very first encounter with a CHJGD product so let’s move forward with our tests and see if it's really worth spending your money on it.