21 - 11 - 2017
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XTPower MP-23000A 23000mAh Ultra-High Capacity External Power Supply Battery Pack Review

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xtpower mp 23000aa

   We are counting only a few hours until Christmas so as I’m sure all of you can understand writing a review at this time is not exactly easy for me, however it's not every day that we receive a unique product to review and since we will be hitting the mountain to spend new year’s eve we feel that this can come in handy to you as it will to us. A few days ago we reviewed the Patriot FUEL+ 7800mAh Mobile Rechargeable Battery which left us with the best impressions thanks to its design, size and real battery capacity. However although 7800mAh and even 9000mAh (capacity of its larger brother) are more than just enough for use with smartphones, MP3/4 players and small tablets they are simply not enough for people who happen to own large screen tablets and this is where XTPower comes in with their latest and quite massive MP-23000A 23000mAh Ultra-High Capacity External Power Supply Battery Pack.


   We are your technically competent and reliable partner in matters of mobile energy supply and offer you a wide selection of High Quality Power Banks. Through many years of experience in the field of batteries and electronics, close contact with the design team and the manufacturing facilities we know what is important and always have the goal to implement your needs on the available mobile power models to your complete satisfaction. We want to show you new possibilities of mobile energy supplies and are happy when our range of USB battery and solar panels attract your curiosity. XTPower (www.xtpower.de) is a registered trademark of Batteries and Power Solutions GmbH and stands for innovative products in the field of batteries and portable battery chargers. All our Power Banks and solar panels are sold by Intecro a company that offers excellent service and expert advice to all our satisfied customers. We look forward to you, your team of Batteries and Power Solutions and Intecro (www.intecro.de).


   Much like most high capacity portable batteries the MP-23000A by XTPower wears a massive Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery with a rated capacity of 23000mAh which thanks to its 3 available output ports (DC Out/Dual USB Ports) and 6 available output voltages (5/9/12/16/19/20v) can be used to charge a wide range of portable devices from smartphones, MP3/4 players, GPS devices, handheld consoles and small tablets to large tablets and notebooks. The really nice thing about this device is that you can check the current battery charge level via a small LCD screen placed at the top indicating the remaining charge both with a battery icon and a percentage indicator. As you can see it doesn't take long to understand how special the MP-23000A Ultra-High Capacity External Power Supply Battery Pack really is but that only applies if the advertised features are actually real and so to check that we have been using the MP-23000A for slightly over a month.