23 - 10 - 2017
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RaidSonic ICY BOX IB-PBa7800 7800mAh Power Bank Review

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     My smartphone is dead, it run out of battery again! This is a phrase that i can't really begin to count the how many times I’ve heard it from people sitting next to me in a cafeteria or at the beach. The same people are also the ones who ask all the time about the things they can do in order to prolong their smartphone's battery life and the answer is not that hard. You see right now technology progresses at such fast rates that naturally some things fall behind, one of those things are batteries (although not for long according to scientists) and so when you have a vast number of functions embedded in a smartphone along with a rather huge LCD screen it's to be expected that today’s batteries can't last long. Because of that i always carry along with me a portable battery pack just to be on the safe side of things and so far i haven't found myself in a position where one of my smartphones has completely run out of juice. Today we are taking a look at yet another such portable battery, this time it's the ICY BOX IB-PBa7800 7800mAh Power Bank by RaidSonic.


   RaidSonic Technology GmbH was founded in Hamburg 1999. To realize our future visions and the rising requirements, RaidSonic moved to Ahrensburg (20 min. away from Hamburg) in May 2004.The capacity of our new warehouse, our permanent improving logistic and the expanded technical support lets us look into the future very optimistically. Our vision in a constantly growing IT market is to develop products, which will become your future dreams. Our extensive product portfolio, which we distribute Europe-wide, combines all internal and external solutions for the application of mass storage, for industrial and professional applications as well as for the private sphere, too. Through our all along increasing know-how, good results in research and development and our good cooperation with our long-time customers we could achieve a dynamic growth.


   Currently in the market most portable battery pack solutions range from the basic 2000/2200mAh models which can only be used to recharge your smartphone/iPhone once, the mid-end 6000/7000mAh models that allow for slightly less than one recharge for your tablet and 3-4 recharges for your smartphone/iPhone and the high-end 10000/12000mAh models which can be used to either recharge your tablet slightly more than once or your smartphone/iPhone up to 5-6 times (there are also a couple of 13000/18000 models available). Of course although the battery capacity matters a lot what matters even more is the quality of that battery which is responsible both for the possible recharge cycles (300-400-500-600) and also for the amount of battery life lost after long periods of time. RaidSonic seems to be well aware of that naturally and so for their latest ICY BOX IB-PBa7800 Power Bank model they used three 2600mAh lithium battery cells by Sanyo that can be recharged for a total of up to 500 times prior to needing replacement which means that this device should last for a very long time. Specs however are just that so let's move forward to see just how good the ICY BOX IB-PBa7800 Power Bank really is.