17 - 02 - 2018
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EKEN V8S Native 4k Action Camera Review

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   Action cameras may have been around for years now but due to high sales numbers lately it seems that a large number of the consumer base has just now noticed them (or just decided they needed one). Some also attribute the large bump in sales numbers to all the new 4k (and above) models but whatever the case currently the action camera industry is blooming. 4k models both native and interpolated are indeed at the top of sales worldwide and so we decided to gather as many models as we possibly could to check and see which of them are really worth your hard earned money. EKEN has been around for roughly a decade now and after several successful action camera models they released the V8S (they just now also released the V9s) their first "serious" attempt to enter the native 4k market and so this is the first model out of the many models we have in our lab.

   Founded in 2006 and based in Shenzhen, China, EKEN is a pioneer in imaging technologies and services. With more than 500 associates around the world, we bring imaging technology to the outdoor and sports market. We design and create action cameras that inspire people to capture the beauty of life, helping you seize the moment and relive every memory. Our mission is to become a global brand by creating products that are high quality and affordable. We are always navigating new possibilities in the fast changing technology world. Our motto is “keep moving forward.”

   The EKEN V8S is an compact action camera based on the Ambarella A12S75 SoC camera processor (features an ARM Cortex-A9 CPU running at 792MHz with H.264 encoding and advanced image stabilization) and the Panasonic MN34112 CMOS image sensor (has a native resolution of 1080p at 60fps so 4k is achieved through upscaling) via which it can record content at a resolution of up to 4k 3840x2160p @ 25fps (2560x1440@30fps/1920x1080@60fps/1920x1080@30fps are also supported) and stills at 14MP resolution (4320x3248p). The EKEN V8S also features 170 degrees wide angle lens, 2 inch rear color OLED screen (320x240p), 0.96 inch forward status LCD screen, 802.11 b/g/n wireless transmitter and a 1050mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack which provides power to the V8S for up to 50 minutes (4k recording). So the time has come for us to finally see what this tiny action camera is capable of.