20 - 11 - 2017
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The Solar Centre Albany Solar Premium Spotlight Review

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   Where i live (and i imagine in many other parts of the world) electricity doesn't come cheap so whenever i have some free time i always look for ways to reduce electricity costs (and why not reduce my carbon footprint in the process) whether that's by using auto off conserve power sockets or by using LED light bulbs wherever i possibly can. However if you also happen to have a small backyard like i do then you probably know that it's not really possible (cost-wise) to have it illuminated during the entire duration of the night. Now i have tried numerous solar lights from time to time and although some did produce satisfactory results they only lasted but a few months tops thus didn't really fit the bill. Roughly 4 months ago i was looking to replace a few faulty solar lights with something of higher quality so when i stumbled across the Albany Solar Premium Spotlight by The Solar Centre i just had to try them out.

   Formed in 2005, The Solar Centre has become one of the UK’s leading new eco brands. Our constant focus on product innovation using the latest battery, LED and solar technology ensures year round reliability across our range. The Solar Centre supplies a large number of businesses and organizations of all sizes including high street retailers, e-tailers, government departments, local and county councils, schools, colleges, universities, NGOs and charities.

   As clearly stated by its name the Albany is a small weatherproof spotlight made out of brushed aluminum (thus the premium part) paired with a 2W solar panel (via an 1.8 meter long cable) and a rechargeable battery pack. Contained inside the aluminum enclosure is a tiny yet durable and high performance CREE LED bulb that can output a brightness rating of 125 Lumen with a white color temperature of 5500k. A frosty glass reflector placed at the end of the spotlight allows the Albany to illuminate an area of up to 82 feet (25 meters) while the 2W solar panel with its light sensor and rechargeable battery pack doesn't only operate the device automatically but it can also provide it with enough power for up to 10 continuous hours. Last but not least The Solar Centre gives the CREE LED bulb an MTBF of 50.000 hours and backs it up with a 12 month warranty. So on paper the Albany sure looks great but is it really? Let's take a closer look to find out.