21 - 02 - 2018
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efergy Energy Saving Products Review

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   With all the continuous price increases in electricity (especially where i live) many people have asked for my opinion on what their available options are if they want to save money off their electrical bills. Certainly this is something that i have also been working on for quite some time since i also pay far too much for electricity and so because i also happen to use quite a few accurate power meters to record the power consumption of various devices i thought it would be nice if i took a look at some of the latest products introduced in the market promising serious power savings. There are several manufacturers in the market today that offer such products but efergy is right up there amongst the well-respected ones and because of that their products will be the first on our test bench.


   efergy is a global manufacturer of energy saving products. Our name means “efficient energy” and our goal is to help you to reduce your energy use, save money and save the environment. Our wireless electricity monitors and other energy saving products help you to understand how much energy you use and to save money on your energy bills. We aim to be the leading manufacturer of energy saving products in the world. We state that efergy was conceived in 2005 and are proud of how far we have come in just 6 years. efergy has a worldwide presence with offices in the UK (headquarters), Hong Kong, China, Australia, United States, Canada and South Africa. Our focus is on new product development and customer satisfaction. We take pride ourselves on our great quality and innovative products and on our customer support. At efergy we really care about helping our customers to get the best out of our products.


   As you can all see from the intro picture efergy send us not one but three of their latest products to hit the market and it didn't take long for us to install and use them ever since (we've been using all of them for the past 40 days) in order to see if they actually work as advertised. Of course since all three products are directly related with power savings that helped us a lot during testing. Granted most power saving products are nothing more than information devices that show just how much electricity your devices are using (either separately or all together) so these can only make a difference on your electricity bill if you choose to use them wisely (unplug your TV's when not used etc.). However our job here is not to "guess" how the end user will actually use them but to show how one should use them and also see if they actually deliver on what they promise and that's exactly what we did.