21 - 02 - 2018
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NewerTech NuGreen Energy Efficient Flexible Neck LED Desk Lamp Review

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   Working at nights (just like now) is something i do a lot mainly because there's far less ambient noise around (and also less distractions) allowing me to perform noise level tests far more accurately than during the day. However what's really hard is sitting in front of a 30" LCD screen and typing without any other light source in the room (amBX lights are not strong enough) something which basically means strong and frequent headaches. To avoid that you must put less strain to your eyes and for that you always need to have a light turned on in the same room which is something i don't really like especially since the ones I have in this room are very powerful for night use. Well Newertech may have the answer for me since they just released the NuGreen Energy Efficient Flexible Neck LED Desk Lamp.


Since 1984, Newer Technology, Inc. (NewerTech) has been recognized as the leading developer of performance upgrades and accessories for Macintosh and PC computers, iPods, iPhones, and iPads. NewerTech is headquartered in Woodstock, Illinois. NewerTech features a  wide variety of the tech solutions consumers need, including: external storage solutions; NuPower replacement batteries for select Apple laptops; the NuRam line of memory upgrades; the Voyager line of docking solutions for data transfer; an extensive line of products for the Apple iPad, including the GripStand Station, for charging and syncing up to 8 iPad or iPad 2 units simultaneously; and the NewerTech Power2U, the only safe and fully UL-Listed in-wall solution for conveniently powering and charging USB devices at home. NewerTech continues in its mission to provide consumers with the tech solutions they need, backed by the quality, value, and dependability they have come to expect.


   Normally I’d never accept to review a plain desk lamp because quite honestly i don't believe that such products have a place here, however the Newertech NuGreen Desk Lamp is not plain at all and can be easily considered to be a gadget rather than just a desk lamp not only because of its LED lighting which is certainly not something we see often (even now) but also because of the very strange on/off switch which is unlike anything I’ve seen with any of the desk lamps I’ve used in the past, some of which cost many times what the NuGreen does (although i don't consider myself as the expert in desk lamps). So let’s take a closer look at the NuGreen Energy Efficient Flexible Neck LED Desk Lamp so you can all see exactly what it is that I really like about it.