20 - 01 - 2018
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Stuffa Jacket Review

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   When we first launched this project roughly 15 months ago we pretty much told everyone out there that we would seriously take into consideration review requests sent to us which is partially also the reason why we started testing wrist watches (although i have to admit that i like wrist watches as well). Of course we all knew that eventually some people would request reviews of products that don't really belong in a technology related review site but being flexible is not a bad thing and so we decided to allow everything that may even slightly fit in one of our article/review categories. Fortunately our gadgets category allows us to fit a very wide range of product reviews regarding pretty much anything that can improve our daily lives and one such gadget is the Stuffa Jacket which we've been using for slightly over a month now with very positive results.


   Stuffa is a collective group of friends with a common interest in designing innovative products for spontaneous adventures. Our launch product was born out of a frustration of taking extra bags for weekends away and flights. So we designed a Stuffa Jacket - a good-looking, lightweight body warmer with 12 stuffable pockets concealed within the lining, capable of holding up to 5kg of clothing. Or just your wallet, keys and phone. Up to you.


   Just how many times have you gone on a trip only to realize that you forgot something at home or that you wanted to pack something along for the ride but didn't fit in your backpack so you decided to leave it behind instead? Well the Stuffa Jacket was designed for people who want to avoid exactly that so thanks to the 2 years of design put in by them it allows you to pack almost as much stuff as you would in a small backpack (according to Stuffa you can pack up to 4 t-shirts, 4 pairs of socks, 4 pairs of pants, 1 lightweight jumper, some gloves, a scarf and 1 pair of jeans). Of course you can also pack other things in the 12 total internal pockets offered by the Stuffa Jacket such as food and small lightweight electronic devices (for example we fitted a portable battery pack, 2 hands free wireless Bluetooth earsets, 2 small MP4 players, one smartphone and two action cams in 5 of those pockets). True we didn't believe that this was possible in any jacket for that matter but as you will also see later on we were quite surprised since it obviously is.