25 - 02 - 2018
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Noontec Hammo TV Personal Wireless Audio System Review

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noontec hammo tva

   Although the market is filled with both wired and wireless headsets there have never been that many wireless ones which one can use with a TV set and that pretty much goes as far back as i can remember. Quite a few manufacturers used to make such models but due to limited battery life (not to mention that most didn't even feature rechargeable batteries), bulky size and in many cases interference with their radio frequency by other devices they never were that popular among consumers. However thanks to several advancements in technology over the years wireless headsets have not only become quite compact but now they also feature static-free low-latency signal and long battery life. Noontec has become quite popular over the years thanks to their proven Zoro lines of both wired and wireless headsets so when we came across their newest Hammo TV model we couldn't resist checking them out.

   Noontec built its brand in Australia starting in March 2002 and has been dedicated to providing customers high-quality audio and video products ever since. Noontec consistently pursues creating precisely designed, high-tech products that offer customers’ wonderful experiences. In 2005, Noontec launched the word’s first all aluminum 1080p HD media player -- A6, which were sold at more than 40 countries, resulting in amazing sales of over 500,000 sets! In 2010, Noontec launched the first collapsible Hi-Fi headphones called ZORO, which became rapidly popular with its fashionable design in conveniently compact structure and Hi-Fi grade sound, receiving 5-star level acclaim from over 40 respected media outlets! Afterward, Noontec went on to release other headphones, including Hammo, Rio and has received high, widespread praise from customers worldwide. Noontec focuses on product quality and sustainable innovation and strives for perfection. Each product must live up to your expectations, so thank you for your interest.

   Just like the Zoro wireless headsets released by noontec over the years the Hammo TV is also a Bluetooth model (version 4.1 with a range of up to 10 meters and support for CSR's aptX low-latency codec). Just like with many other of their headsets noontec has once again used the award winning Votrik HD500 High Definition 50mm dynamic stereo drivers that feature a frequency response of 5Hz-30KHz with 105dB sensitivity and 32 Ohm impedance which they have paired with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack (fixed, can't be replaced) that can provide the headset with up to 50 hours of use. Finally in order to make the headset compatible with every TV set out there (and not just Bluetooth compatible devices) noontec has bundled the Hammo TV with an Bluetooth docking station (can be connected with two Bluetooth headsets at the same time) which features 3.5mm audio input connectivity (via RCA or 3.5mm audio output) and a USB port which can be used to recharge the headset.