20 - 11 - 2017
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66 Audio REVOLUTION Wireless Headphones Review

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   Have you noticed that each and every single time people start talking about any kind of device (including electronics) the very first names that come to mind are those of the most popular and award winning manufacturers (usually also behind the most expensive models)? This is not something new since the well established players in the market are always more widely advertised and represented by distributors a lot more than the not so well known ones (only rare exceptions to that rule). Still over the years i can say with certainty that very good products do occasionally come even from unknown manufacturers and at the end of the day the price/performance ratio is what matters for most people. 66 Audio may not be among the most popular headset manufacturers in the market today but since their BTS Sport Bluetooth headphones performed extremely well for their size and price we just had to test their top of the line REVOLUTION Wireless Headphones.

   66 Audio, LLC is an exciting and rapidly-growing LA-based wearable technology startup company that focuses on designing, engineering, and distributing world-class Bluetooth audio products for active consumers throughout the world. We are very passionate about hardware, mobile software and building the best possible consumer products for the active lifestyle. We're constantly on the hunt for innovative and groundbreaking ways to improve customer engagement and experience within the active category and are obsessively pursuing next-generation technologies that will change the way people experience their music on both the hardware and mobile app side of things. 66 Audio is based in Culver City, California with offices in Shenzhen, China as well as Krakow, Poland and London, UK. Learn more at www.66audio.com.

   The REVOLUTION wireless are medium-sized headphones equipped with two custom-tuned 40mm neodymium NdFeB drivers that feature a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz, intergrated stereo microphone sporting cVc (clear voice capture)technology, HD voice (wide band) technology, bi-directional echo noise-reduction technology and a lithium-polymer rechargeable battery pack which can keep the device going for up to 12 hours. The REVOLUTION wireless headphones also feature Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity (fully supports NFC, HFP 1.6, A2DP 1.2 and AVRCP profiles) with class 2 transmission (wireless range of up to 75 feet/23 meters), CSR aptX codec support (high-fidelity audio), 66 Sound Engine DSP Technology (with multi-band EQ, PEQ and 3-D sound spatialization) and an custom active noise cancelling onboard chip (used to enhance audio clarity by keeping unwanted noise out). I think you'll all agree on me that at least on paper the REVOLUTION wireless headphones look very promising (leaving out the lack of more info on the 40mm drivers) so let's see if that's really the case.