20 - 01 - 2018
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Noontec Zoro II Limited Edition Wireless Wi-Fi Headphones Review

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   Once upon a time it was extremely hard for consumers and especially audiophiles to find a Bluetooth wireless headset with balanced audio performance, respectable battery life and a compact enough size for used while on the go. I'm obviously exaggerating since this was actually just a couple of years ago but thanks to advancements in technology and the never ending competition between manufacturers today things have changed for the best. Granted such headsets are still quite rare to come across in the market today and most of those do cost quite a bit but there are always some manufacturers willing to go the extra mile in order to offer products with a good price/performance ratio. Noontec may not be the first name to come in mind when you think about a high quality and performance wireless headset but their latest Zoro II Wireless Limited Edition model with its quite interesting specifications could change that.

   Noontec is founded on his commitment to bring all end-users fabulous personal experiences and feelings with his own consumer electronics featured by elegance, fashion and high quality, Noontec now is presenting fashion Hi-Fi headphones, HD media players, Android TV BOX and Apple accessories; Most of them with honorable Design Awards, are well received and have gained a highly reputation all over the world. Embracing the idea of continually bringing superb personal experiences & feelings to the end-users, noontec has been strictly observing the international standards to elaborate every individual product. Hence, noontec branded products have internationalized developing management, fashionable design conception and globalized sales channels.

   Just like the quite successful wired Zoro II HD headset the Zoro II Wireless headset also wears two 40mm Votrik HD400 dynamic drivers that feature a frequency response of 13Hz-26KHz with 32Ohm impedance, 108dB sensitivity and a maximum power of 60mW. The Zoro II wireless headset also features Bluetooth v4.0 connectivity with NFC (near field communication) and A2DP (uses aptX audio codec by CSR), 3.5mm port (can also be used wired), steel reinforced hinges for extreme durability, foldable design, dual built-in microphones and a 650mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack which gives it up to 35 hours of music playback. So is it safe to assume that the Zoro II Wireless is basically a Zoro II HD headset with added Bluetooth v4.0 connectivity and a few extra goodies? I certainly hope so and that's why it's time to continue with the rest of our review.