17 - 02 - 2018
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Jabra EXTREME2 Bluetooth Headset Review

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   Although most smartphones nowadays feature low levels of radiation (also known as SAR) it's always good to use a Bluetooth wireless earset/headset especially since the law in many countries forbids usage of cellphones when driving without one. Now for all of you that aren't aware of SAR it stands for Specific Absorption Rate, a method which basically measures the amount of radio frequency energy absorbed by the human body when using a cellphone. Because this happens most manufacturers recommend holding the phone at a distance of 30mm away from your body when using it so it's very easy to understand that this isn't possible without the use of an earset/headset. I know it's been a while since i last had the chance to test a Bluetooth wireless earset/headset but during my short vacation i had plenty of time to test the latest one from Jabra called the EXTREME2.


   GN Netcom, led by the Jabra brand, continues to build on its standing as one of the world’s leading and fastest growing suppliers of hands-free communications solutions. With approximately 875 employees and sales offices around the world, GN Netcom develops manufactures and markets a broad range of wireless headsets for mobile users and both wireless and corded headsets for contact center and office-based users. GN Netcom’s business activities also include its original equipment manufacturing (OEM) business to a wide range of global customers including mobile phone, PC and PDA manufacturers.


   If the people over at Jabra really know how to do something is design and manufacture Bluetooth earsets and so the EXTREME2 earset has a number of impressive features including support for Bluetooth 3.0, HD wideband speaker, dual microphones with noise-blackout, DSP and simultaneous connection with up to 2 Bluetooth enabled devices. The original EXTREME Bluetooth earset by Jabra i tested roughly 2 years ago was pretty good for its price tag and size but unfortunately not on par with some more expensive units by both Jabra and other manufacturers. Because of that i couldn't help it but to wonder just what kind of performance improvements the EXTREME2 has compared to its predecessor and as you will also see (or better read) later on it has quite a few.