25 - 02 - 2018
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LucidSound LS-30 Wireless Universal Gaming Headset Review

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   Back in 2011 some friends and i decided to compare some of the top wired gaming headsets with their equivalent wired ones to see if wireless technology had finally managed to match the audio performance of wired one. We ended up using a total of 6 headsets (2 wireless and 4 wired ones) for 13 days with quite disappointing results since at the end of our tests most wired models scored higher than their 2 wireless counterparts. Over 5 years have gone by since that day so with the arrival of Battlefield 1 (its closed and now open beta anyways) we decided to take several wired and wireless gaming headsets for a spin to see if technology has evolved to a point where wireless models can actually compete with their wired counterparts. Today's review is focused on one of the latest wireless models to hit the market and more specifically the LS-30 Universal Gaming Headset by a new player in the market called LucidSound.

   LucidSound is committed to providing gamers with the ultimate experience in sound by creating high-end audio products. Company founders are no strangers to acoustics, as they hail from the legendary audio brand, Tritton™. LucidSound founders are now unleashing their industry know-how, creativity, and technological understanding of what gamers really want by elevating what consumers can expect from a headset.

   Unlike most headsets in the market today the LucidSound LS-30 Wireless Universal Gaming Headset is not only targeted towards gamers of all ages since it can be used both wired and wirelessly with pretty much every device out there from PCs and gaming consoles (Playstation 3/4 and Xbox One+/360+) up to mobile devices and even TV sets. Wireless connectivity (active mode) is achieved via a USB dongle/adapter (compatible with consoles and PCs) which transmits audio via the 2.4GHz wireless band whereas wired (passive mode) is possible via its 3.5mm (analog) and optical (digital) ports. Under the hood of the LS-30 LucidSound has placed two 50mm dynamic stereo drivers (20Hz-20KHz frequency response with 32Ohm impedance and 97db sensitivity), intergrated microphone (for answering calls) and a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack (offers up to 15 hours of audio playback). For more demanding use like gaming (and why not even Skype calls) LucidSound has also placed a flexible removable boom microphone. So let's take a closer look and see if the LS30 by LucidSound is the ideal all-around headset.