18 - 01 - 2018
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BlueAnt PUMP HD Sportbuds Review

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blueant pump hda

   We are all well aware that wires are almost a thing of the past in most areas of the industry and although at least currently wireless connections can't offer the same exact results still its preferred by most people since simply put it's far easier to deal with. Now for home use i truly believe that wires still have much to offer whether we're talking about headsets, speakers, gaming peripherals and pretty much everything else which is also why i prefer them as well but when away from home or the office things change drastically since comfort is what people care about the most (myself included). Now as i already mentioned in our previous review recently i started running in order to keep in shape so i started looking for a good Bluetooth wireless stereo set to listen to music and answer calls since i can't stand tangled wires and BlueAnt was ontop of my list with their latest PUMP HD Sportbuds model.

   BlueAnt is a global communications company dedicated to connecting people to the sounds that keep them advancing confidently through life. From delivering pulse-pounding beats to push someone beyond their limits to making sure every detail of a career-changing call is received without interruption, we feel audio sits atop the five senses. Our devices integrate highly advanced technology in such a way as to not overpower the user. We innovate when it will improve the customer experience, not for the sake of innovation itself.

   The PUMP HD Sportbuds is very much alike the SPORT Wireless+ by Jabra so once again we get two ear pieces connected together via a rather short flat tangle-free cable which makes it nearly impossible for them to fall from you while performing various intense activities like running and/or exercising. Also much like the SPORT Wireless+ the PUMP HD is waterproof (although it features a more advanced IP67 certification) thanks to the Kevlar and Teflon material used to seal the interior of the enclosures while the rubber coating on the exterior makes it easier for your ears to adapt. Under the hood BlueAnt has placed two 12.5mm drivers featuring their Energize HD audio technology (according to BlueAnt it produces audiophile-grade audio) along with Bluetooth v3.0 connectivity (supports A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP, APTX, ACC) and a rechargeable battery capable of powering the device for up to 8 hours of continuous use. Unfortunately size-wise the PUMP HD Sportbuds are quite larger compared to the SPORT Wireless+ by Jabra but if they deliver on what BlueAnt promises that shouldn't be a problem.