20 - 01 - 2018
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Rokit Boost Swage 2 Wireless Stereo Headphones Review

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   Although most of us here prefer to listen to our favorite songs using cables to get the best possible audio quality none of us can deny that using a Bluetooth wireless headset is far more convenient especially if you're not at home. That's just the beginning however the really difficult part begins when you go out in the market to find the one Bluetooth wireless headset that can cover all your needs from audio quality and design up to battery life and size. We have reviewed several interesting Bluetooth wireless headsets with the JABRA REVO Wireless being perhaps the most impressive of them all but since not everyone can afford one such headset we decided to go out and search for far more cost-effective alternatives one of which is the latest SWAGE 2 Wireless Stereo Headphones by Rokit Boost.


   Rokit Boost® is a pioneer and provider of affordable high-end, luxury mobile accessories. The company brings exceptional value to mobile lifestyle consumers by offering accessories that substantially improve the user experiences of existing electronic devices. Whether engineering iPhone charger cases, Bluetooth headphones, or wireless Bluetooth speakers/microphones, Rokit Boost’s team leverages leading-edge technological improvements to enhance the usability of today’s most popular mobile devices. Rokit Boost’s first priority is giving its customers complete satisfaction, with a philosophy of great customer service, great prices, and, above all else, great-quality products.


   The first thing we noticed when we took the Swage 2 Wireless Stereo Headphones out of the box was the tiny size and so we expect that to be the best selling point for this product. Spec-wise it's not half bad either since the two 40mm dynamic drivers feature a frequency response of 80Hz-20KHz with 32 Ohm impedance and 108dB sensitivity while the built-in microphone has a sensitivity of -42dB. Rokit Boost has placed a 195mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack inside the Swage 2 which according to them can provide power to the device for up to 8 full hours of music playback and 20 days of standby time. Unfortunately Bluetooth v2.1 only gives the Swage 2 a range of 10m/33ft but i really see very little use for more range especially since that would mean a higher price tag (not to mention that your transmitting device would need to support that as well). So let's take a closer look and see what Rokit Boost has brought to the table with their latest Swage 2 Wireless Stereo Headphones.