20 - 01 - 2018
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Oblanc NC2-3 U.F.O Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Review

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oblanc nc2 3 ufoa

   With the summer period already opening its arms to welcome us more and more people are looking to buy wireless Bluetooth headsets for use while in the house, on the go or while working out. Now although Jabra recently released the quite remarkable REVO wireless Bluetooth headset the market is not really filled with such solutions, at least not powerful enough solutions for people who really want to listen to their tunes without volume restrictions. Granted the REVO is perhaps the best Bluetooth wireless headset out there but its rather high price tag makes it very hard for people on a tight budget to look at it as a valid solution so we searched around to find a Bluetooth wireless headset that shares most of the features found in the REVO but at half its price tag, if not less. Well it seems that the NC2-3 U.F.O Bluetooth Stereo Headphones by Oblanc just might be the right ones for the job.


   The name Oblanc originates from the highest peak near the border of Paris, Italy and Switzerland-- Mont Blanc. Oblanc implements the spirit, strength, and determination it takes to conquer a mountain to each new headphone it creates. At Oblanc, we are committed to bring premium audio experience with stylish designs to our customers. With strong R&D capability and leading technology, it enables us to produce premium headphones for the music and gaming industry at a lower cost, thus our customers can enjoy the same premium headphones without spending large amounts of hard earned money. In the competitive headphone industry, we believed quality is the key to success. We are constantly searching and developing our headphones using the latest technology and finest material to ensure Oblanc headphones meet our customers' expectations of quality assurance. Each headphone is carefully crafted and undergoes extensive testing for its longevities and durability. We understand our relationship with our customers and we do not stop after each sale by asking for feedback to improve our product. For that reason, a dedicated service team is established to quickly and effectively respond customers’ inquiries. We also spend countless hours on studying how our customers use our headphones and troubleshoot the problems they may encounter. This allowed us to provide better service to our customers and build up our brand. We are convinced that once you have tried the Oblanc headphones, you will experience a new innovative musical life!


   Oblanc is certainly not one of the most popular brand names (unlike Mont Blanc which comes to mind almost immediately) especially since we just heard of them a few months back but if we've all learned something over the past few years is that we shouldn't judge a company solely based on the how long they've been around. So the closed design NC2-3 U.F.O Bluetooth stereo headphones feature Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, two 50mm 32Ohm neodymium drivers with a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz, a built-in noise cancelling microphone, media/call buttons and an 450mAh polymer lithium ion battery which gives the unit a total of 10 hours of continuous music playback (always according to Oblanc). So time to see just how well this wireless headset performs always compared to other similar ones we've tested in the past.