25 - 02 - 2018
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Tech-Life BeatBlock WET Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

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   How many times have you wished you could listen to your favorite songs while at the beach or even while in the comfort of you bathroom? I'm well aware that although the first part seems quite natural to some people the second may not (at least not as much) but personally whenever i find the time to dive in the bathtub i always like to have some short of music playing in order to relax (either by using one of my smartphones or my tablet). Well the obvious and easiest way to accomplish that is by using a portable wireless speaker however although the market is filled with countless models there aren't really that many which combine good audio clarity with plenty of volume and even less also feature a rugged/weatherproof enclosure. Almost a year ago a company called Tech-life sent us their BeatBlock Premium Bluetooth Wireless Speaker which at the time offered a very good bang for the buck. Well Tech-Life seems to be well aware that they need to upgrade their products to keep themselves in the game so they are back with a buffed version of the original called the BeatBlock WET.


   Tech-Life was founded in Newport Beach, CA by two lifelong friends with a passion for technology and a common goal of producing high quality life-enhancing products with cutting edge design and robust technology. We have become a leading technology company by maintaining our commitment to four pillars of success; Innovation, Quality, Design, and Life! Every new product is created by unconventional innovation and with expanding technology in mind. Innovation is synonymous with technology, and it is no accident that "Tech" is our first name: it is our first thought. The founders of Tech-Life come from extensive and complementary backgrounds in engineering, logistics, audio/video technology, and product development. These diverse skill sets deliver a perfect harmony of Quality construction and purposeful Design, ultimately responsible for creating products that will enhance your life! Again, it is no accident that "Life" is our last name: it is our most important value. That is the Tech-Life way!


   Just by taking a close look on both the original BeatBlock and the new WET version you will see that Tech-Life has focused more in the appearance department since although the basic design (and size) remains the same there are quite a few aesthetically pleasing changes. Specs-wise however things are not as clear since both models have many similarities including the same specification drivers (50mm/20Hz-20KHz/4Ohms), the same power output (2x3W) and the same 1500mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. Tech-Life states that this time over they have used better quality components to increase audio clarity and bass levels but that's just about it. Unfortunately since the original BeatBlock has earned a permanent spot in my mountain cottage i couldn't strip both units down to see if what Tech-Life says is valid (i probably will eventually) but what i could do is use it for almost two weeks to see how it performs right next to several other portable speakers and I did.