22 - 02 - 2018
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TDK A360 Wireless 360 Speaker Review

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   Portable devices have become part of our daily lives and whether that's in the form of smartphones, portable speakers, media players, tablets, notebooks and even coffee makers we simply can't go back to how things were not too long ago. However while it's the trend of our days to miniaturize pretty much everything related with electronics I’m glad to say that there are some areas of the industry where that's not how things are and what better example than the quite massive A73 Boombox wireless speaker by TDK which we had the chance to test a while back? Well it seems that the very successful path TDK has taken over the last couple of years in regard to their portable speaker line is not something to be taken lightly but since the Boombox line has not really been the most "portable" in the market this time over they took things a step further by introducing the brand new A360 Wireless 360 Speaker and we're amongst the very first to get their hands on it.


   TDK Life on Record, a leading global brand with a rich audio legacy, is dedicated to personalizing and enhancing audiophiles’ ever-evolving digital music lifestyles. TDK Life on Record audio products are carefully crafted to focus on performance, marrying a clean, striking design with the precision and flexibility of modern technology. This world-class line of premium audio products delivers a warm, authentic, high-fidelity entertainment experience. The TDK Life on Record logo is a trademark owned by TDK Corporation and is licensed exclusively to Imation Corp., a leading global developer and marketer of brands that empower people to capture, save and enjoy digital information. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.


   Unlike the A73 Boombox the entire concept behind the A360 Wireless 360 Speaker is not focused around power but everything else that makes a portable wireless speaker including audio quality, design, size and weight. However that does not mean that the A360 lacks behind in terms of audio output levels. True it's not as powerful as the quite larger A73 Boombox (with its dual 13cm passive radiators, two 5cm full-range drivers and 13cm subwoofer) but still it does feature four 2.5cm full-range drivers (2W each) placed around the chassis and a 10cm (15W) ported subwoofer. That's not all however and so the A360 is also splash resistant (IPX3 rating under international standard IEC 60529, a feature not shared by the larger A73 Boombox) and can also be used to charge your mobile devices via a rear USB port. So on paper this portable wireless speaker seems to be a champ amongst its kind but is that really the case?