20 - 01 - 2018
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RockDoc Memory 4GB Portable Speakers Review

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   After having used and tested a whole bunch of portable speakers over the past few years last month we received the NuForce Cube High Performance Portable Speaker which ended up blowing our minds since thanks to its size/volume/clarity combo it's probably (we can never be 100% certain with the amount of portable speakers in the market) the best such gadget one can get in the market currently. However the electronics industry is a place filled with surprises (mostly pleasant ones) so just a week ago we started using/testing another pair of portable speakers sized almost the same as the NuForce Cube and also without featuring Bluetooth connectivity. Instead they pack 4GB of internal memory allowing the end user to store and playback a large number of his/hers music collection without having to connect them to a source. We are of course talking about the POWER and BOOM memory 4GB portable speakers by RockDoc.


   RockDoc, LLC and Armando Christian Perez, also known as international music sensation Pitbull, teamed up to develop a revolutionary portable speaker line based on their proprietary Weave Technology. Leading consumer electronics supplier VisionTek has been contracted to bring the complete line-up of RockDoc® brand products to the consumer market in North America. RockDoc, LLC and VisionTek plan to make the line of products available through GameStop, BestBuy, Fry’s Electronics, CDW, TigerDirect, CompUSA, Costco, and other leading retailers, as well as online through www.rockdoc.com. All RockDoc® branded products come with a one year warranty and VisionTek’s world-class toll free technical support.


   As far back as i can remember i always wondered why it was that manufacturers chose to never built-in internal memory along with a basic mp3/mp4 player to their portable speakers to also make them complete standalone audio players. This thought has been crossing my mind even more during the past couple of years since the prices for both mp3/mp4 players and memory modules have taken such a serious plunge that 2,4 or even 8GB should cost manufacturers almost nothing in mass production numbers. Of course i am not in the manufacturing segment so i don't know what an acceptable cost for each manufacturer is but now that we just finished testing the RockDoc Memory Portable Speakers i can't believe this was ever about cost. So RockDoc has equipped their Memory Portable Speakers with aluminum housings, a total of 4GB (expandable to 64GB via Micro SD/TF card), MP3/MP4 player, 3.5mm port for analog connection and full playback/volume control buttons. The POWER model comes with a single/mono 40mm driver while the BOOM model features two/stereo 40mm drivers for more "demanding" situations. The drivers used in both models use proprietary Weave technology, frequency response of 150-18000Hz (+-3dB), power output of 3W (each driver) and a magnetic resistance of 4Ohm. So as you can all see in the features/specifications department the RockDoc Memory Portable Speakers shine but how well do they perform is for us to find out and we did.