21 - 11 - 2017
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Tech-Life BeatBlock Premium Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

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   April is almost over and so the time has finally come for most of us to start making preparations and plans for our summer vacations (although personally I’ll be happy if i can manage to leave for just a week). This might be also why many friends and even some of you out there have asked from us to increase our reviews regarding mobile audio devices like Bluetooth headsets and speakers something which as you can easily see we've been doing already. However to satisfy that request we are working around the clock to acquire and test such devices from all the leading manufacturers in the field. One such manufacturer is Tech-Life (yet quite new) and today we will be taking a look at their BeatBlock Premium Bluetooth Wireless Speaker which according to them is the most advanced of its kind currently in the market.


   Tech-Life was founded in Newport Beach, CA by two lifelong friends with a passion for technology and a common goal of producing high quality life-enhancing products with cutting edge design and robust technology. We have become a leading technology company by maintaining our commitment to four pillars of success; Innovation, Quality, Design, and Life! Every new product is created by unconventional innovation and with expanding technology in mind. Innovation is synonymous with technology, and it is no accident that "Tech" is our first name: it is our first thought. The founders of Tech-Life come from extensive and complementary backgrounds in engineering, logistics, audio/video technology, and product development. These diverse skill sets deliver a perfect harmony of Quality construction and purposeful Design, ultimately responsible for creating products that will enhance your life! Again, it is no accident that "Life" is our last name: it is our most important value. That is the Tech-Life way!


   The BeatBlock falls right between the a.m.p sp1 by Antec and the SoleMate by Jabra both in terms of size, design and build quality so from the get go you know that you are not getting a weak and fragile portable speaker. This is something that actually caught us a bit of guard since we are talking about a brand new product (that also happens to be their very first) from a brand new player in the field like Tech-Life. Still it is what it is and so thanks to its black rubber coating (Tech-Life refers to it as Rubber-Tech Bombproof), the honeycomb design, metal interior frame, dual (stereo) 40mm drivers (3W each), noise-cancelling microphone and the 1500mAh lithium ion battery the BeatBlock really seems to have everything going for it. Of course as with pretty much everything there might be a large gap from the specifications to real world performance and as usual that's what we're here to find out.