25 - 02 - 2018
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Oregon Scientific Boombero Wireless Speaker Review

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   With summer just around the corner how many of you will storm online and retail stores alike to find a suitable portable wireless speaker for use when at the beach (or at the pool) so you can listen to all your favorite tunes from your smartphones? Personally i use wireless portable speakers a lot when I’m at the beach in the summer especially if there are many friends around so i really do think that such devices can be quite useful as long as you can find the right one to cover your needs. So currently in the market we have the usual Bluetooth enabled wireless speakers that require to be paired with a smartphone or tablet and NFA (Near Field Audio) wireless speakers that just require for the smartphone to be placed right next to the NFA sensor (the sensor location is always listed in the user’s manual). Now obviously each type has its advantages and disadvantages but it's worth mentioning that both also offer wired 3.5mm mini plug connections (most models) which can be used by people who don't want to use the extra battery required by Bluetooth connections or people who prefer the more classic way. One such device is with us today and more specifically the Boombero NFA Wireless Speaker by Oregon Scientific. 


   Oregon Scientific is a global brand and creator of electronic products for today’s lifestyles. Its innovative products are the combination of cutting-edge US technology and stylish European design that build a bridge between people and technology, helping them understand their environment and enhance their daily lives. Established in the US in 1989, Oregon Scientific is both the inventor and market leader for Smart Clocks and Home Weather Stations. These two principal areas of expertise remain at the center of Oregon Scientific’s core competencies. Besides the award-winning Time and Weather collection, Oregon Scientific has successfully developed four other lifestyle enhancing product collections : Sports and Fitness, Telecommunications, Digital Media and Electronic Learning collections. 


   Earlier we mentioned that the current Bluetooth and NFA wireless speakers have both advantages and disadvantages which is entirely correct. So although Bluetooth connectivity may have a much larger range (30ft/10m) it does use more battery power and in order to make use of it you first need to pair your Bluetooth device with the speaker (something which may not be easy for every person). On the other hand Near Field Audio wireless speakers work just by placing your smartphone right on a specific place of the speaker which means that although they are easier to use and you also save on battery power (since you are not using Bluetooth) you need to have your phone placed on the speaker at all times. NFA wireless speakers also have another drawback so although pretty much every Bluetooth compatible wireless speaker in the market comes with rechargeable built-in battery packs all the NFA wireless speakers I’ve used to date use normal 1.5v AA batteries which in turn don't feed the speaker with the same amount of power (less audio volume) and obviously get depleted faster. Having mentioned all the pros and cons of Bluetooth and NFA wireless speakers it's time to see what the Boombero Wireless Speaker has to offer.