24 - 11 - 2017
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Thinksound On2 Supra-Aural Studio Monitor Headphones Review

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   I really can't even begin to count the number of times when i wanted to listen to my favorite music or watch a movie and the headset i used was mediocre at best in terms of audio quality. Because of this I’m always on the lookout for really good headsets since i like having one both at the office/lab and at home. Of course in the market today one can find good headsets for as low as USD100 and great headsets for as high as USD4000 (yes you read correctly, 4 grand). Not all however can or are willing to go as high as even USD1000 for a great pair of headphones and after talking to several people in many online forums (and quite a few up close) we concluded that the sweet spot considered by most demanding consumers is set at around USD200-300. Thinksound has been one of our favorite manufacturers of headphones and earphones for many years and just recently they released their On2 Supra-aural studio monitor headphones with passive noise isolation which we couldn't wait to get our hands on.

   We started thinksound™ to make headphones that we would want to listen to; and we’re not easily satisfied. They not only had to sound amazing; they had to look good, feel comfortable in your ears and be designed and manufactured responsibly too. We gave ourselves quite the challenge. Back when we set out to do this; it was unheard of in the audio industry. Over the years, other companies have taken notice. They’ve copied the design, the packaging, the accessories, and even have taken text directly from our website and catalog. While these companies and their headphones may try to look similar; it’s only skin deep. The sound, what matters most, just doesn’t compare. Don’t take our word for it either; read the reviews on our site. We’re a small company. We work hard to make extraordinary products and offer them at affordable prices and we back all of this with unmatched customer service. We’re not happy accepting “good enough” and honestly you shouldn’t be either. Thank you for supporting thinksound.

   If you've been following our reviews then you may know that thinksound released the On1 Studio Monitor HD headphones a few years back which means that the brand new On2 are essentially an updated version. Now both headphones feature a set of 40mm full-range dynamic drivers that sport a frequency range of 5Hz-22KHz with 50 Ohm impedance placed inside earcups made out of high-quality hand-crafted natural wood. Also just like the On1 the On2 also feature an in-line microphone located in one of the two available Kevlar-reinforced tangle-resistant fabric cables which i have to admit are more durable that i thought when i reviewed the On1. Now since we don't see any change in the specifications of the drivers i imagine that thinksound further fine-tuned them instead of changing them all together. There are certainly several design differences between the On1 and the On2 so let's move forward with our review.