24 - 11 - 2017
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Noontec Zoro HD Fashion Hi-Fi Headphones Review

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noontec zoro hda

   I recall a time when the most impressive portable audio device in my possession was a Philips Waterproof Discman that came bundled with a nice pair of earphones which to me they seemed to perform better than anything i had ever used in the past. Because of that and also because of the price tag that particular Discman had i never actually even thought about finding something better and i left it at that (i still have that Discman in very good condition). That however was roughly 15 years ago so today i always try to find the best headphones and earphones in the market not only because it's what i do obviously but also because i really want to see how much technology can advance until having to change the entire concept behind the how such devices work. Noontec is a company we just learned of almost 2 months ago and since their headphones have won quite a few awards around the world we decided to take a few of them for a ride the first of which is the ZORO HD (High Definition) Fashion Hi-Fi Headphones.


   Noontec is founded on his commitment to bring all end-users fabulous personal experiences and feelings with his own consumer electronics featured by elegance, fashion and high quality, Noontec now is presenting fashion Hi-Fi headphones, HD media players, Android TV BOX and Apple accessories; Most of them with honorable Design Awards, are well received and have gained a highly reputation all over the world. Embracing the idea of continually bringing superb personal experiences & feelings to the end-users, noontec has been strictly observing the international standards to elaborate every individual product. Hence, noontec branded products have internationalized developing management, fashionable design conception and globalized sales channels.


   During the past 2 years we've seen a very large number of small and lightweight headphone sets designed for people who not only wish to use them in the comfort of their homes but also in other places such as the gym or while on the go. Personally i always like to use earphones when I’m on my way to someplace since i like a more settle approach and i don't really like drawing attention to myself. However it wasn't until just recently that i actually saw the difference between a normal headset and one of the really small ones when used out in the open (this occurred in the local superstore when two kids came in one wearing a Dr.Beats headphone set and one wearing a quite larger one by Sennheiser). Unlike me however it seems that noontec is well aware of this so their Zoro HD headphones are not only very small and very light but they are also very durable. Specs-wise things are equally good since noontec has chosen to use two 40mm dynamic drivers featuring a frequency response of 13Hz-26KHz with 32 Ohm impedance and 108dB sensitivity. How do all of the above translate in terms of performance is something which we will see later on.