22 - 02 - 2018
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Audyssey Lower East Side Audio Dock Air Review

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audio dock aira   Perhaps one the most difficult parts of being an avid reviewer is finding new and innovative devices to review, devices which one simply does not get to see often if at all. Nowadays however innovative ideas become more and more rare since pretty much everything one may think of is already out there being developed or manufactured by one of the countless available manufacturers (that's also why we see the same devices rebranded and sold by two or more different companies). Luckily however innovation has not completely dried out and so every now and then we do get to see something new (sometimes even impressive) and without doubt the latest Lower East Side Audio Dock Air by Audyssey is one such device.


   We are a Los Angeles-based company that designs and develops innovative audio technologies and products for music fanatics and movie buffs like you. Our roots are in R&D and we solve audio problems so what you hear is an accurate reproduction of the recorded music, movie or live performance you are listening to – how it was meant to be heard. Our digital technologies solve some basic audio problems, such as spikes in volume or poor sound quality at low volumes. We also delve into more complex audio problems, such as the way room acoustics are impacted by furniture, walls and windows, and how to compensate for small speakers when limited by the laws of physics.


   It was quite a few months ago when i first laid my eyes on the Audyssey Audio Dock Air and ever since i was quite a bit curious to see just how well it would perform especially since most Bluetooth wireless speakers (small/medium size ones) I’ve tested in my life were not actually what I’d call impressive. Now the weird thing is that the Audyssey Audio Dock Air although wireless it doesn't use the normal Bluetooth connection most similar speakers do but instead it uses Wi-Fi to connect with your local modem/router (Apples AirPlay Technology). That's not really a bad thing since that way you can easily stream all of your audio collection to it but that somewhat forbids you from using your own cellular phone (Apple iOS based devices are excluded) unless it comes with a mini-jack 3.5mm plug (direct wired connection). Leaving out however the how it connects with your devices the Audio Dock Air has some pretty impressive speaker specifications including two 0.75 inch tweeters, two 3 inch subwoofers and two 4 inch passive bass radiators. On top of that add Audyssey’s Bass XT and Dynamic EQ technologies and the end result should be quite unique but is it?