21 - 11 - 2017
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NuForce S3-BT High-Fidelity Bluetooth Speakers Review

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nuforce s3 bta

   For the past 2 years or so we used and tested many portable Bluetooth wireless speakers some of which offered a very good size/performance ratio while others were not really as portable but offered amazing amounts of volume at reasonable prices. Still all these are not called portable without reason and so no matter how we see it in the end they can't go up against a good stereo desktop solution especially when it comes to volume levels. However it's not very easy to find a high quality stereo desktop system featuring both Bluetooth and wired connectivity that doesn't really cost an arm and a leg so with that in mind we set out to see what's available in the market. The answer came from our friends over at NuForce who've been manufacturing a very successful pair of speakers for quite some time now the S3-BT High-fidelity Bluetooth speakers for audiophiles so it didn't take long for us to grab a sample in order to find out the reason behind their popularity.


   NuForce was founded with a singular vision: to provide consumers, audiophiles, and audio pros stunning sound with classic and elegant design. Since then NuForce products have earned the loyalty and passion of consumers while getting top marks from the most prominent publications and press in the world. NuForce is more than just products - it's about making highest-quality sound part of an everyday lifestyle. Our growing array of home and portable products bring music and movie sound to life while providing inspiration, transporting you to another place, and making you feel more connected to your recordings and soundtracks, wherever you are. As music is a universal language everyone can appreciate and enjoy, NuForce products are sold around the world. We remain firmly committed to providing the highest-performance consumer electronics adhering to the most stringent quality standards, and ensuring integrity and value in every product.


   When you choose the right stereo set to place next to your bed or inside your living room one of the first things you always need to check is the power output and with a total of 36W RMS (thanks to the class-D built-in amplifier) the S3-BT may not be powerful enough to throw a large party but they should be more than enough for reasonable situations. Each speaker is made by a single 1" soft dome tweeter and a single 3.5" composite paper cone woofer (anti-resonance) and features a frequency response of 50Hz-20KHz with 0.5% harmonic distortion (1W/1KHz) and 75dB signal/noise ratio. As already mentioned the S3-BT can be used both wired and wirelessly and so aside the usual RCA stereo connectors the speakers also have a 5v/1A USB charging port for mobile devices and also support the latest Bluetooth 4.0 version featuring aptX, SBC, ACC codecs, A2DP and AVRCP profiles. That's not all however so NuForce sells extra accessories for the more demanding audiophiles including an Air DAC Receiver, iTX Transmitter and an uTX Transmitter. So just by reading the specifications and features of the S3-BT I’m starting to see why they’ve been so popular but since that's not enough let's move forward with our review and dig a deeper.


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