25 - 02 - 2018
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Audyssey Wireless Speakers Review

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   I remember a time when we all went out occasionally to see all the latest complete stereo systems launched from all the leading manufacturers like SONY, Philips, Pioneer, Panasonic, AIWA, Technics and Yamaha only to find out in the end that we couldn't really afford to get the highest end models featuring 10 CD disc changers (or more), mini discs and plenty of bells and whistles which of course were not available on the cheapest models. Times have changed however and so nowadays most people prefer to use their computer systems, media stations and smartphones to listen to their favorite music while at the comfort of their home and so the only real issue is finding a quality speaker set capable of fulfilling that task with ease. Well the latest Wireless Speakers by our friends over at Audyssey just might be the right ones for the job.


     We are a Los Angeles-based company that designs and develops innovative audio technologies and products for music fanatics and movie buffs like you. Our roots are in R&D and we solve audio problems so what you hear is an accurate reproduction of the recorded music, movie or live performance you are listening to – how it was meant to be heard. Our digital technologies solve some basic audio problems, such as spikes in volume or poor sound quality at low volumes. We also delve into more complex audio problems, such as the way room acoustics are impacted by furniture, walls and windows, and how to compensate for small speakers when limited by the laws of physics.


   The Wireless Speakers by Audyssey are actually based on the previously released Lower East Side Media Speakers so right from the start you should know that you are getting pretty much the same retro design stereo speakers with the same high quality of materials, audio clarity and features like BassXT (deeper bass, lower frequency response), Audyssey EQ (increased sound accuracy) and Dynamic EQ (superior audio clarity even at low volume levels). However instead of the optical in (SPDIF) this time over Audyssey has equipped the Wireless Media Speakers with Bluetooth wireless connectivity something that i was expecting for a long time from them. Audyssey did release the near-excellent Audio Dock Air a couple of years ago but it uses Wi-Fi to wirelessly connect with devices and i am not really that much into Wi-Fi, at least not as much as Bluetooth regardless of their differences when it comes to range (Bluetooth works up to 10-15m tops). So since we've been using the Lower East Side Media Speakers ever since we got them the only real question in our minds is whether or not the wireless version produces the same audio clarity when feeding audio material via Bluetooth.