25 - 11 - 2014
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11 - CM Storm Worldwide Joint Giveaway - Over



cm storm

2nd UPDATE 03/12/2012: Well we were afraid this would happen and so it seems that in order to meet our deadling a 2nd re-draw is needed and so this time over the two lucky winners are :

1) Gregory Simeroth
2) Lori Reed

    You all know how much we hate giving prizes away via re-draws so from this point forward do check the OTHER section in your Faceboom messages screen (also if you don't have the Message feature on for unknown people do turn it on). As for the two new winners you need to send us your shipping details ASAP (either in FB or to my This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) so CM can ship your prizes.

    Again congratulations and lets all hope that this is the last time we need to do a re-draw in order to give prizes away.


UPDATE 29/11/2012 :   We really don't enjoy doing redraws since we all know how bad we'd feel if any of us had won something and someone else ended up receiving that prize. However each giveaway comes with a set of rules and one of those is to deliver the names of the winners inside a specific timeframe which in this case ends tomorrow. We did our best to contact every single winner in this giveaway but unfortunately only Darren Keenan Chen send us his details so we could dispatch the prize to him. So although we pushed the limit as much as possible we have to give the two remaining prizes away so a redraw was done last name and the following names came up:



1) Sean Sean Sean (Seaan)
2) Matt Downs

So Sean gets the Sirus 5.1 Surround Headset and Matt the Scout PC Case (unless both fail to reply in which case we will do a 3rd redraw tomorrow - need to follow the timeframe).

    It’s Sunday 11/11/2012 and the time has come for us to close the curtains for our 12th giveaway made possible by our friends over at Cooler Master USA. So once again without further delay our 3 extremely lucky winners are:


1) Jeremy Mcgowen is the winner of the Sirus 5.1 Surround Gaming Headset
2) One of the two Gun Metal Scout 2 PC Cases goes to Darren Keenan Chen
3) Finally the second lucky recipient of the Gun Metal Scout 2 PC case is Curtis Lu

   Congratulations to our winners, however there's one last thing all three of you need to do. Either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me with your addresses and a valid contact number or just send them here via the message feature so Cooler Master can dispatch your prizes. Also please do remember to post a picture of the prize once you receive it (preferably with you alongside it) purely for validation purposes (we always want people to see we're not holding the prizes for ourselves).

   Again congrats on our 3 very lucky winners, as for the rest worry not cause tomorrow we will be launching our 13th giveaway (Global one) so be ready to hit the share button like you always do, remember, the more the merrier for all sides.

   It's been slightly over 7 months since the launch of this project and although we've already performed 10 giveaways we always want to give back more to all of you who support us. So once again today we teamed up with our friends over at Cooler Master USA to make three awesome prizes from the CM Storm line available for grabs. So just like it says (and shows) on the above image we are giving away a top of the line Sirus 5.1 Surround Gaming Headset and 2 of the latest Gun Metal Scout 2 PC Cases. Impressive right?


   Once again in order to participate in this exciting giveaway (some may have noticed that we switched from Contest to Giveaway since we never really asked for any questions or something similar) you need to take 3 very easy steps:

1) Like our Official Facebook Page
2) Like the Official Cooler Master Americas Facebook Page
3) Make a post under our CM Storm Joint Giveaway Topic in Facebook (pinned at the top of Our FB page)

   Easy right? The giveaway will last up until the 10th of November and is open only for residents of the USA. I know i promised a global giveaway for all of our readers who are neither living in the EU nor the USA and if all goes well we should have one right after this one in mid-November. Also do remember that each of the two winners is required to post a picture of or with the prize for verification purposes upon delivery.

   Well that's all so for now good luck to you all from everyone here and at Cooler Master USA and do remember to share this with your friends since the more the merrier (and also more giveaways in the future).







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Posted: 2 years ago by Loturix #298
Nice cases
Posted: 2 years ago by Johnson #297
i want this
Posted: 2 years ago by classicaxe #296
I want this awesome prize !
Posted: 2 years ago by cybersst #295
Lotsa space for fans, OR lotsa space for my big ol' head!
Posted: 2 years ago by JesterCS #294
Posted: 2 years ago by rustytinsoldier #293
good luck on all this awesome stuff!
Posted: 2 years ago by Bigrog2000 #292
Good luck
Posted: 2 years ago by Rifle999 #291
Looks pretty freaken awsome good luck to all and "may the force be with you."
Posted: 2 years ago by Pockets #290
Good luck everyone!
Posted: 2 years ago by shrekdaklown #289
god id love to win this my case blows
Posted: 2 years ago by sparklejewelsp59 #288
i could really use this keeping finger crossed... great giveaway
Posted: 2 years ago by ramensuki #284
Man... I'm always browsing CM's cases one newegg and other sellers--never can scratch up the money since I'm so busy buying gas to get to school.

Prayin' I get selected. Haha. CHEERS
Posted: 2 years ago by elbeback #283
Hope I win...if not we'll good luck to the one's that do=)
Posted: 2 years ago by lambchowder #282
is this where i comment
Posted: 2 years ago by markallen1988 #281
Love CoolerMaster cases! I would love to buy a HAF X, but I can't affording it. Winning this case would solve my problem, thanks for hosting this contest!
Posted: 2 years ago by CnidariaRex #280
The front panels on my case broke off, so here's to hoping!
Posted: 2 years ago by BitterRoot #279
Very nice case but not sure if I want to move away from my HAF 932. My wife and son could use some nice cases though.
Posted: 2 years ago by phanatx #278
Nice looking case, could use an upgrade
Posted: 2 years ago by iandroo888 #277
sexy case ! i want
Posted: 2 years ago by rrplay #276
What a sweet chassis ! Thanks NikkTech and Cooler Master
Posted: 2 years ago by limspn #274
I wonder if the Silver Arrow SB-E would fit in a Scout 2?
Posted: 2 years ago by mrcapncaveman #272
Would love to get my hands on one of those Scout 2's! Great Comp, thanks Nikktech and Cooler Master!
Posted: 2 years, 1 month ago by ana3mic #271
Well I guess good luck to all the guys in the US .
Posted: 2 years, 1 month ago by Sam Nicko #270
WOW Awesome Thank you for a chance Cooler Master Americas
This is your chance to WIN it my friends from USA.
Best Of Luck guys