23 - 04 - 2014
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21 - Synology Worldwide Joint Giveaway - Over








    Well the 15th of the month is here and so another one of our giveaways has to end. Luckily today we are launching our 22nd giveaway and so because we obviously have lots of work to do we will skip to the lucky winner of our Synology Joint Giveaway. So the Synology DiskStation DS213+ goes to Martin Jones. Congratulation from everyone here and at Synology Martin and do remember two things, first to send your shipping details along with a valid telephone number to us either in FB or to my This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and also to post a picture once you receive the prize for validation purposes. Like we've said in the past we can't force people to do so (perhaps we could but it's not our way of doing things) but it helps for everyone out there to see that our prizes are actually going to real people.

    As for the rest stay tuned for our 22nd Global Giveaway in a while with 3 very special prize packs.


   When twelve months ago we launched our very first Joint giveaway we were discouraged by a few people who said that manufacturers would never support our project especially when it comes to giving away products for our readers. Well it seems that they couldn't have been more wrong and so today we are launching our 21st global giveaway with our friends from Synology to make one of their latest SMB (Small And Medium Business) oriented DiskStation DS213+ 2 bay NAS Server available up for grabs. Unfortunately although we did try we were unable to secure more prizes for this giveaway since we always like to have 3 winners, leaving numbers aside however we rarely giveaway single prizes that carry a retail price tag of no less than USD390/330Euros. As usually in order to join you just have to take 4 very small and fast steps:

1) Like Our Official Facebook Page
2) Like The Official Synology Facebook Page
3) Post a reply under the Pinned Synology Joint Giveaway post in Our Facebook page
4) Share the Giveaway with Your Friends and Family (Share Button over Our Pinned Post)

   This specific giveaway will last until the 15th of April (our bad for losing 1 day) and is open to everyone around the globe so it matters not where you live just as long as you have postal service there. As always on the 15th/16th of April all participants need to check their OTHER message folder in Facebook since all our messages to the winners end up there. If you fail to claim the prize after 20 days it will enter our prize pool and will be given away in an annual giveaway along with many other prizes (could be on Christmas Eve or something).

   Good luck to all of you and remember to spread the word to your friends and family whichever way you can since that basically helps us bring more and more giveaways to all of you.

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Posted: 11 months, 1 week ago by ispasion22 #926
Congratulations to the winner, I'm a little envious .
Posted: 11 months, 2 weeks ago by dacul #770
Gratz winner!
Posted: 1 year ago by ana3mic #588
Congratulations to the winner .
Posted: 1 year ago by slugbug55 #580
Congrats to the winner.
Posted: 1 year ago by anneke #574
Great geveaway! Shared with my friends!
Posted: 1 year ago by FilLis #573
Posted: 1 year ago by slugbug55 #572
Perfect for a home media server.
Posted: 1 year ago by budmal #571
Posted: 1 year ago by theemilio_crazy #570
Amazing prize, thanks you!
Posted: 1 year ago by Kell #569
Thank you!
Posted: 1 year ago by fourpixel #568
Thanks NikkTech and Synology!
Posted: 1 year ago by ana3mic #567
Another amazing giveaway, thanks Nikk !
Posted: 1 year ago by papaswedine #565
Very nice! I'm glad you proved those haters wrong! Thx for the opportunity..
Posted: 1 year ago by oddworld #564
in it to win it
Posted: 1 year ago by nautilus377 #563
Posted: 1 year ago by Sam Nicko #562
OMG thank you NikkTech and Synology for this AWESOME Giveaway.
Synology DiskStation DS213+ 2 bay NAS Server indeed is an Awesome product and a breakthrough for NAS server technology, YES i would like to WIN this B-E-A-U-T-Y... it would makes me easier for sharing files, music, photos through my android and sharing it to all my family and friends, perfect and a clear solution!
Posted: 1 year ago by omegadoom13 #561
Thanks Nik and Synology! DiskStation DS213+ 2 bay NAS Server is a very impressive prize!