26 - 03 - 2017
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20 - Jabra Worldwide Joint Giveaway - Over




    1st of April people and while we are getting ready to shoot off our latest giveaway with our friends from Synology we thought it would be nice to close the stage for this giveaway by giving you the names of the three lucky winners. So here we go, the three lucky people each to walk away with an Jabra REVO Wireless headset are:

1) Bjørnar Berntsen
2) Helena Kriek
3) Robert Flynn

    All that's left is for all three of you to send us your shipping details either in Facebook or in my private email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) along with a valid tel/cell number for the courier to use in case of an emergency. We also would like each of you to post a picture of the product (with you in the picture if possible) once you receive it for verification purposes and also so all our readers can see that you are actually receiving the prizes.

    That's all people, now to finish our reviews and the Synology giveaway so stay tuned. 


   Although our 1 year anniversary is in 3 days from now (March 18th) we decided to celebrate that by launching our 20th joint giveaway with our friends from Jabra today with a total of 3 REVO Wireless headsets up for grabs. Now if you’ve read our review you should know that these are quite remarkable not only because of their exquisite build quality and audio clarity but also because of their price tag since they retail for no less than USD250/250Euros each. In order to be eligible you need to take 3 very little steps:

1) Like Our Official Facebook Page
2) Reply under Our Jabra Joint Giveaway Facebook Post (In Our FB Page)
3) Share our Jabra Joint Giveaway Facebook Post With your Friends (Just hit the Share button).

   Now since many winners don’t reply in a timely fashion from this day forward we will allow each prize winner a total of 15 days to claim the prize. We think that over 30 days is way too much while 1-2 days some are giving is way too strict. That being said you all need to remember to check the OTHER folder in your messages when the giveaways end since our winner alerts go there. If you Fail to claim your prize inside 20 days it will end up inside a prize pool which will keep growing until an large number of prizes are in it for us to make a brand new giveaway (most likely in the summer).

   This giveaway will run up until the 31st of March and is open to everyone around the globe (global event). So good luck to you all and remember to spread the word outside from the Internet as well since as always the more the merrier.

jabra long


Posted: 3 years 11 months ago by ana3mic #566
ana3mic's Avatar
Congratulations to the lucky winners :silly:.
Posted: 3 years 11 months ago by slugbug55 #559
slugbug55's Avatar
congrats winners
Posted: 3 years 11 months ago by oddworld #558
oddworld's Avatar
thx for the prize and my shipping details are sent to u on Facebook :)
Posted: 4 years 3 hours ago by ana3mic #557
ana3mic's Avatar
Awesome giveaway for the anniversary Nikk, also great idea for the unclaimed prizes :).
Posted: 4 years 17 hours ago by anneke #555
anneke's Avatar
I would like to win this ears without wires. It is great present for my husband Birthday!
Posted: 4 years 5 days ago by jamalik #554
jamalik's Avatar
I want to win this, what to do?
Posted: 4 years 5 days ago by cowboylouis #553
cowboylouis's Avatar
Je les veux (I want it)
Posted: 4 years 5 days ago by faris hamizi #552
faris hamizi's Avatar
i want to with it
Posted: 4 years 1 week ago by actekkev #551
actekkev's Avatar
My headphones broke a while back, so I really would like to win.
Posted: 4 years 1 week ago by najiro #550
najiro's Avatar
awesome! my ageing headset needs a replacement :D
Posted: 4 years 1 week ago by freedom #547
Freedom's Avatar
We do one of these every 15 days, doing what you say would take way too much time from our hands for almost no reason at all. Since the unclaimed prizes will be given away once again what's the difference ?
Posted: 4 years 1 week ago by slugbug55 #546
slugbug55's Avatar
Another idea would be to pick double or triple the amount of winners in case the first batch don't respond.