12 - 12 - 2017
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72 - Christmas 2017 Mega Worldwide Giveaway




2017 12 05 18 51 28

   Just like with the past 5 years the time has once again come for NikKTech to launch its annual Christmas giveaway with a large number of prizes. This time however it so happens that we're launching it on my name day so with all the people calling and visiting to give me their wishes there's not much time for a great intro. Now as many of you recall last year we did something new, we launched our giveaway and allowed manufacturers to keep joining until the very last day. Well because something like that had never happened before and since it was embraced by both readers and manufacturers we're doing it again this year.

   For starters however our Christmas 2017 Mega Worldwide Giveaway has the following 23 prizes:

1) Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair
2) AKRacing Nitro Gaming Chair
3) Noctua NH-D15 CPU Cooler Chromax Package
4) QNAP TurboNAS TS-231P NAS
5) AeroCool Project 7 P7-L240 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler
6) Antec P110 Luce Mid-Tower
7) Antec EA750G Pro 750W PSU
8) Antec EA650G Pro 650W PSU
9) Antec EA550G Pro 550W PSU
10) APACER Panther 8GB DDR4-2400MHz RAM (Single Module)
11) COUGAR Immersa Pro 7.1 Virtual Surround Headset
12) Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse
13) Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset
14) Thermalright Silver Arrow ITX-R CPU Cooler
15) Sandberg Thunderstorm Gaming Keyboard  Gaming Keyboard
16) AVM FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1160
17) Scythe Mugen 5 Rev.B CPU Cooler + Kaze Flex 120 PWM
18) Sandberg Outdoor Powerbank 5200mAh
19) Cryorig H7 Quad Lumi CPU Cooler
20) Thermalright AXP-100RH Low-Profile CPU Cooler
21) Thermalright Macho Direct CPU Cooler

22) Sandberg Bluetooth 2in1 Audio Link
23) Sandberg 4in1 USB AC Charger 6.8A EU+UK

   The value of all these is just under 2400Euros so we're still a long way compared to the 6500Euros worth of prizes we had last year but we may still get there by the end of the giveaway (also depends largely on the numebr of participants so do share anyway you can).

   Unlike all our giveaways due to the large number of companies participating our Annual Christmas Giveaway requires just two steps for you all to be eligible:

1) Like our Official Facebook Page
2) Like & Post your Holiday Wishes underneath our Pinned Annual Christmas Giveaway Post in Facebook

   As thanks to all the companies participating however we also ask you to like some (if not all) of their Facebook pages by clicking on their names right next to the prize made available by them. This is not a perquisite but we all feel that they deserve that small "thank you" by all of us.

   As usually this is a giveaway open to EVERYONE across the globe and will run until the 20th of December so some of you may actually get you prizes just before the end of the year.

   The best of luck to all of you both from us and all the companies participating in this giveaway.


Posted: 1 day 12 hours ago by DarkWingz_007 #2174
DarkWingz_007's Avatar
Merry CHRISTmas and a Happy new year EVERYONE Have an Awesome new Year
Posted: 1 day 19 hours ago by Shiny_Valkyrie #2173
Shiny_Valkyrie's Avatar
Thank you so much :D
Posted: 3 days 4 hours ago by Azure_Death #2172
Azure_Death's Avatar
Thank you so much for the opportunity :)
Posted: 3 days 23 hours ago by dor1k1n #2171
dor1k1n's Avatar
Merry Xmas.. Thanks ALL
Posted: 4 days 1 hour ago by sinanogz #2170
sinanogz's Avatar
Merry Christmas everyone, it would be great to win a player seat.
Posted: 4 days 2 hours ago by laranje #2169
laranje's Avatar
thanks Santa !!
Posted: 4 days 11 hours ago by LadyVanity #2168
LadyVanity's Avatar
Happy Holidays everyone!! And thanks to all the generous sponsors who took part in this amazing giveaway!
Posted: 4 days 17 hours ago by grayhoose #2167
grayhoose's Avatar
great job!
Posted: 4 days 22 hours ago by zukaakazux #2166
zukaakazux's Avatar
Great, here we go again, hope everyone will be lucky this year, if not by winning something from here that some other way. Happy Holiday ya all
Posted: 5 days 3 hours ago by PixelNinja #2165
PixelNinja's Avatar
thankyou Santa
Posted: 5 days 7 hours ago by fourpixel #2164
fourpixel's Avatar
Hope to win something this time! Thanks for the giveaway!
Posted: 5 days 12 hours ago by SteaM10 #2163
SteaM10's Avatar
Merry Christmass everyone! I wish the best :)
And thank you Nikktech!!!
Posted: 5 days 13 hours ago by filipadrian1980 #2162
filipadrian1980's Avatar
Happy Holidays
Posted: 5 days 16 hours ago by rianCute #2161
rianCute's Avatar
I just joined here and wish all goodluck
Posted: 5 days 17 hours ago by slugbug55 #2160
slugbug55's Avatar
Lots of goodies in that pic.
Posted: 5 days 18 hours ago by kosherpickle #2159
kosherpickle's Avatar
wow so cool. Best wishes to you !!