20 - 01 - 2018
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69 - NikKTech & AVM Network Upgrade EU Giveaway - Over






   Once again I find myself having to delay the closing of a giveaway not because I wanted to but because we are moving most things in our lab in order to accommodate a few new items we got. With that small explanation out of the way the names of our 4 very lucky winners are: 

1) Michael van Graafeiland
2) Stefanos Trigas
3) Elia Gabriele Biccheri
4) Petkovic Irena

   Congrats to all of you but it’s still not over since you need to send us your shipping details (along with a valid telephone number and email address) in Facebook so we can forward them to AVM. Also do keep in mind to take a picture of the prize once you receive it and post it in our Facebook page. This is not only for us to verify that the prize arrived in good shape but also for all our readers to see.

   Again congratulations to our 4 very lucky winners and stay tuned for another Global giveaway in a few days. 



   May is here people and what better way to greet it than with a brand new giveaway? This time we wanted to do something we haven't done in the past and network devices were among a very short list of things we haven't given away in the past so we chose to go with that. To that end we teamed up with our good friends over at AVM (FRITZ!) to make available not one but 4 prizes for 4 lucky winners. So today up for grabs we have the following high quality and performance devices one can expect from the FRITZ! Line by AVM:

1) FRITZ!Box 3490
2) FRITZ!Box 7430
3) FRITZ!Powerline 1240E
4) FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1160

   This time over in order to participate you just need to take two very easy steps:

1) Like our Official FB Page
2) Say something about AVM and their products (anything will do really) beneath our NikKTech And AVM Giveaway post pinned ontop of our FB page.

   This giveaway will end on the 16th of May and the names of the lucky winners will be announced on the 17th. Also since AVM products are only available inside the EU this is a region specific giveaway so it's open only to EU residents (of course if you know someone who lives in the EU you can always win one of the above prizes for them).

   That's all people, good luck to all of you and do remember to share this giveaway in other places as well, sure that may decrease the odds of you getting one of these prizes but in the long run it will ensure we can throw many more at you (thus increasing the odds in your favor).

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Posted: 8 months 2 days ago by grayhoose #2136
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Posted: 8 months 6 days ago by O.s.k #2135
O.s.k's Avatar
WOW! Thanks for the chance!!!
Posted: 8 months 1 week ago by filipadrian1980 #2132
filipadrian1980's Avatar
Great giveawaY ! :)
Posted: 8 months 2 weeks ago by Badelhas #2131
Badelhas's Avatar
Another great giveaway! Cheers